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Create your own outdoor paradise with teak wood furniture

Plan your next vacation in your own backyard! What if you were told that the best place where you can relax and unwind is actually right outside your home? At Teak Wood Central we feature a great selection of the finest teak wood furniture waiting for you to transform and reinvent your outdoor living spaces. If you are overwhelmed by the countless possibilities to transform and complement your backyard, or patio, please don’t hesitate to call us we will gladly help you find the right furniture for your settings and for your budget. From modern and unique to contemporary and classic – all options are open for you to design your private custom resort with our extensive teak wood furniture collection.

How Firm Will Your Love Be This Valentine?

How Firm Will Your Love Be This Valentine?

February 14. is a day set aside especially to celebrate love, a day that's known globally as Valentine's day. This day is a festival of love, which many people celebrated by giving out flowers, cards, chocolate, gifts or letters, to their partners, friends and family members. It is also a day to show love to everyone not just to the people close to us.

Valentine's day, also known as the day of love is named after a Christian martyr which date back to the 5th century and was originated in the Roman holiday Lupercalia. Decades ago, lovers used to exchange handwritten notes, but during the 1990s commercial cards became available and popular. Commonly used symbols on Valentine's day are red roses, cupid, hearts which particularly comes in reds or pinks or models of Cupid.


 Cupid is usually seen/portray as a small winged figure with an arrow and bow. Mythologically, this little-winged figure (which is either a boy or a girl) strikes the heart of people with his/her arrow. People who are in love are believed to be 'struck by the arrow of the Cupid's angel’.

 A lot of people celebrate their love for their partner, friends and family members by sending flowers, letters, cards, candy, or giving out gifts. An individual who would like to have a special relationship with someone usually take advantage of this time to make known his/her intentions, and oftentimes, they do anonymously. They go for cards decorated with images of Cupid, hearts, or red roses, sometimes, even include gifts like chocolate, cake, flowers, candy, champagne or lingerie. While some people do the extreme by presenting luxurious gifts, such as jewelry or expensive cars.


          You can actually celebrate Valentine's day without all this fanfare. You don't have to buy chocolate, gift items, jewelry to express love. You can show your spouse and children and other family members that you love them every day by being open and active in their lives, have the willingness to express love or hurt calmly, have complete trust that your partner has your back and you got theirs, and most especially, the desire to express love freely with small daily actions and words (you don't have to conform to the norm of exchanging gift items).

 This year you could agree within your partnership or family to share your Valentine’s day gift with a complete stranger. With someone who needs our support and who will probably love us back for the fact that we care. This year’s February 14th could be the day to donate to  Help Feeding America or make a change in your neighborhood and Help the Homeless .

Knowing that your gesture of helping a stranger will last so much longer than the roses or the chocolate bear will bring all the joy right back to your heart!

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5 reasons why everyone loves cordless lamps

5 reasons why everyone loves cordless lamps

Neoz Ice Square Cordless Lamp Teakwoodcentral


At TeakwoodCentral, we cannot get enough of cordless lamps!  Gone are the days of cordless lamps that only add light and no aesthetic beauty.  Here are our top five reasons why we love these little portable beauties and how they can enhance your indoor and outdoor environments. 

1. Portability: This is the most obvious reason but one that we cannot stress enough.  The ability to bring these lamps indoor and out makes it one of the best investments that you can make for your home or office.  One of my personal least favorite things is trying to find an outlet exactly in the spot where I need a table lamp.  Most times, I end up rearranging the furniture or moving things slightly off-kilter in order to have my lamp where I need it.  Since I’ve gotten my Neoz Egg, I’ve moved it from the console behind our couch to the side table next to our chair to the kitchen while I’m cooking and back!

neoz ice round 85, cordless ambient table lamp teakwood central
This romantic beach scene gives a moment like this a special glow.  Imagine, too, what it can do for your backyard, patio or other outdoor venue.


2. Durability: Some of these lamps may look delicate, however, they are much sturdier than they appear.  Many of our customers love the fact that you can bring them outdoors and that they withstand the elements as you enjoy a moonlit meal or visit with friends.  What’s more, you will never have to worry about the light going out!

neoz egg fritted cordless table lamp teakwoodcentral
The fritted design of this gorgeous Neoz Egg lamp may look super fragile, but the thick glass and the award-winning architectural design make this and the other cordless lamps we offer stronger than they look. Choose from four delicious colors.


3. Looks: It’s hard to deny that these lamps, in any of the silhouettes we carry, are gorgeous.  From the simple, frosted glass of the Neoz Egg to the stately and modern Owl, you can tell that the artist behind each piece put in a great deal of stylistic and architectural thought to produce a subtle yet, at the same time, eye-catching design. And the inside is just as beautiful as the outside!  The light that these lamps emit, which comes in two or three settings depending on the lamp, gives off an amazing glow that people rave about for photos and for moments when you need candlelight without the mess or potential hazard.

neoz owl 1 tall, cordless rechargeable metal lamp teakwoodcentral
This Neoz Tall Owl Cordless Lamp shows off an elegantly modern but simple brushed metal finish that adds a nice touch to any decor. Here it pops ever so slightly amongst the more natural decor of this home.  Choose from six different colors.


4. Endurance: With a cordless lamp, you have up to 260 hours of charged light to enjoy before you have to recharge the lamp again.  That’s about four months of dinners where you will have beautiful ambient light to eat by or two months of daily relaxation on the patio or porch. And it’s great for those moments like brownouts where you unexpectedly need light, forgot to change out the batteries in your flashlight or ran out of candles and matches. (It happens!)  

neoz gem round cordless, table lamp teakwood central
Looks just like a candle without the mess or potential hazard.  The best part is finding a cordless lamp in a shape that you love and that fits your personal style!


5. Saftey: A cordless lamp ensures, too, that you have portable light that is safer and less messy than candles.  You don’t have to worry that the wind will blow out your light – these cordless lamps will stay lit as long as you would like and wherever you like!  Given the amount of light they do give off, it’s also amazing how surprisingly lightweight they are, making it safe for kids to help move them, too.

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