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Teak Wood Furniture and Top Quality Decor

Create your own outdoor paradise with teak wood furniture

Plan your next vacation in your own backyard! What if you were told that the best place where you can relax and unwind is actually right outside your home? At Teak Wood Central we feature a great selection of the finest teak wood furniture waiting for you to transform and reinvent your outdoor living spaces. If you are overwhelmed by the countless possibilities to transform and complement your backyard, or patio, please don’t hesitate to call us we will gladly help you find the right furniture for your settings and for your budget. From modern and unique to contemporary and classic – all options are open for you to design your private custom resort with our extensive teak wood furniture collection.

Getting Ready For The Outdoor Season

Getting Ready For The Outdoor Season

The arrival of the month of March is a signal that we have officially entered the spring period which comes along with warm sunshine, blooming flowers, bird-singing and the thought of outdoor entertainment making it time to begin planning for your various outdoor hangouts such as patios, backyards, gardens etc. As the outdoor season is upon us, it is time to rearrange and decorate our patios to be able to take in the view of the sunset with the weather becoming warm and the days getting longer with the spring season making us feel its presence.

 To be able to get ready for the outdoor season, we need very creative ideas to light up our patios, taking them to the next level as there are little additions and subtraction to be done to spice up the outdoor space, setting up your patio for spring and remodeling our outdoor patio su...

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How to Care For Teak Wood Furniture


Getting a furniture made of teak wood is not very cheap. Teak wood is very strong, resistant and durable. Before making a teak wood furniture purchase, it is important to know how to clean and maintain them.

 There are two types of teak wood furniture. Which are the teak oiled and fine sanded teak? Though they are the same type of wood, they are both different in their finishing.

 This form of teak furniture usually looks darker than the finely sanded one because of the oil used to finish it's crafting. Though teak wood naturally has a bit of oil, getting an oiled teak piece of furniture helps prevent spills from permanently staining the wooden grain.

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Best Finish For Teak Wood Furniture

Best Finish For Teak Wood Furniture

We all know how durable and tough teak wood furniture is – what many don’t know is that teak will over time turn silvery gray when left outdoors and exposed to sunlight. This is what some people like and look for when buying teakwood furniture and the main reason why the teak wood manufacturers nowadays do not treat most of their products anymore. 

However, for customers who like their furniture treated this can be curbed with an appropriate finish for outdoor teak wood furniture. There are so many substances for finishing teak wood furniture but most of them are not effective because they all have one shortcoming or the other which can be confusing.

 This is why Specialty teakwood oils are the best finish for teak wood furniture. They are very effective and they have no side effects. They are much better than common oil.

Don’t ever make the mistake of treating teak wood with lacquer or other kinds of paint. The result is usually counter-productive as explained below:

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