Getting Ready For The Outdoor Season

Getting Ready For The Outdoor Season

The arrival of the month of March is a signal that we have officially entered the spring period which comes along with warm sunshine, blooming flowers, bird-singing and the thought of outdoor entertainment making it time to begin planning for your various outdoor hangouts such as patios, backyards, gardens etc. As the outdoor season is upon us, it is time to rearrange and decorate our patios to be able to take in the view of the sunset with the weather becoming warm and the days getting longer with the spring season making us feel its presence.

 To be able to get ready for the outdoor season, we need very creative ideas to light up our patios, taking them to the next level as there are little additions and subtraction to be done to spice up the outdoor space, setting up your patio for spring and remodeling our outdoor patio su...

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wet wooden plank with hail grains

How to Care For Teak Wood Furniture


Getting a furniture made of teak wood is not very cheap. Teak wood is very strong, resistant and durable. Before making a teak wood furniture purchase, it is important to know how to clean and maintain them.

 There are two types of teak wood furniture. Which are the teak oiled and fine sanded teak? Though they are the same type of wood, they are both different in their finishing.

 This form of teak furniture usually looks darker than the finely sanded one because of the oil used to finish it's crafting. Though teak wood naturally has a bit of oil, getting an oiled teak piece of furniture helps prevent spills from permanently staining the wooden grain.

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Best Finish For Teak Wood Furniture

Best Finish For Teak Wood Furniture

We all know how durable and tough teak wood furniture is – what many don’t know is that teak will over time turn silvery gray when left outdoors and exposed to sunlight. This is what some people like and look for when buying teakwood furniture and the main reason why the teak wood manufacturers nowadays do not treat most of their products anymore. 

However, for customers who like their furniture treated this can be curbed with an appropriate finish for outdoor teak wood furniture. There are so many substances for finishing teak wood furniture but most of them are not effective because they all have one shortcoming or the other which can be confusing.

 This is why Specialty teakwood oils are the best finish for teak wood furniture. They are very effective and they have no side effects. They are much better than common oil.

Don’t ever make the mistake of treating teak wood with lacquer or other kinds of paint. The result is usually counter-productive as explained below:

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artemide tolomeo floor lamp: one lamp, so many possibilities!

artemide tolomeo floor lamp: one lamp, so many possibilities!

It’s amazing how one item can change the look of a room.  A colorful rug can make a space more whimsical, a certain colored wood or silhouette can bring a room from classic to retro in seconds or even adding plants can change a space.  Is it possible for a piece of furniture to do the opposite and meld with most any home décor out there?  Absolutely, and the answer is the Artemide Tolomeo Floor Lamp.

Timelessness is a quality that is hard to come by for many items in our home. People comment all the time about how a piece of furniture they thought had staying power for years suddenly lost its luster a decade or two later.  The Tolomeo just seems to capture that classic but fresh vibe that looks good anywhere, in any decade.  Just take a look at this same lamp in NINE different decorating styles by clicking Read More!

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How Firm Will Your Love Be This Valentine?

How Firm Will Your Love Be This Valentine?

February 14. is a day set aside especially to celebrate love, a day that's known globally as Valentine's day. This day is a festival of love, which many people celebrated by giving out flowers, cards, chocolate, gifts or letters, to their partners, friends and family members. It is also a day to show love to everyone not just to the people close to us.

Valentine's day, also known as the day of love is named after a Christian martyr which date back to the 5th century and was originated in the Roman holiday Lupercalia. Decades ago, lovers used to exchange handwritten notes, but during the 1990s commercial cards became available and popular. Commonly used symbols on Valentine's day are red roses, cupid, hearts which particularly comes in reds or pinks or models of Cupid.

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The Importance Of Caring For Your Pet This Winter

The Importance Of Caring For Your Pet This Winter

Now that winter is upon us, many of us prefer to spend the vast majority of our time indoors. It certainly beats having to take the time to head to the closet, pull out the coat, hat and gloves that we will need to prepare ourselves for the elements. After all, who wants to brave snow, winds and subzero temperatures when we could be sitting in front of a fire with family and enjoying each other's company? Having the ability to choose to remain indoors and eat warm meals, as opposed to having to stay outside is just one of the main benefits to being a human. But what about our four-legged legs who do not always have a choice in the matter?
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5 reasons why everyone loves cordless lamps

5 reasons why everyone loves cordless lamps

At TeakwoodCentral, we cannot get enough of cordless lamps!  Gone are the days of cordless lamps that only add light and no aesthetic beauty.  Here are our top five reasons why we love these little portable beauties and how they can enhance your indoor and outdoor environments. 

1. Portability
2. Durability
3. Aesthetics/Looks
4. Endurance
5. Safety

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Prepare For a Stress-Free Thanksgiving This Year!

Prepare For a Stress-Free Thanksgiving This Year!

 Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful for what we have and it is also a time of giving. While some of us allow ourselves to become overly stressed at the prospect of this holiday, there are a number of easy ways to prepare for a stress free Thanksgiving in your home. Giving back is an important aspect of the season and by feeding the poor and homeless, you can enjoy the feeling of accomplish that is associated with a job well done.

 This is the first place to start when it comes time to relieve your stress. How many times have you spend an entire Thanksgiving preparing massive amounts of food that are likely to go uneaten? Instead of spending valuable time and money obtaining food that you are not even going to be able to finish, why not donate some of your unnecessary foodstuffs to the less fortunate?

Here is a link where you can help right now!

 Somehow, we've allowed ourselves to fall into the trap of believing that Thanksgiving is all about stuffing our faces with all of the food that we can muster, while ignoring the trials and tribulations that are taking place in the world around us. The concept of giving to those who are in need is often lost on us, as we scramble to create the biggest and best spread for our loved ones.

 Not only are we turning a blind eye to the needs of the outside world, but we are only providing ourselves with more stress in the process. There is a much deeper meaning to this day, as it is a time to sit back and reflect on what we are thankful for. Unfortunately, there are many who see Thanksgiving as a time to feed all of the people they know and eat themselves into a stupor.

 This is the exact opposite of what the day is about and those who allow themselves to succumb to the temptation of spending their day eating are only cheating themselves, in addition to making their life more stressful. That's why the first step towards having a stress free Thanksgiving at home is to spend less time worrying about how much food you can eat and to spend more time worrying about how you can help your fellow man.

 Take the time to sit down with your family and discuss the things that you are truly grateful for, instead of paying lip service to the true meaning of Thanksgiving. Feeding the poor and homeless and giving back to your community is crucial, but true charity starts at home. It begins by looking at the people you love most and telling them how much you care.

 Giving your loved ones the flowers they deserve while they still have the chance to smell them is one of the most important things that we can do. When we are wrapped up in our daily existences, it can be hard to set aside our feelings and emotions to speak to our loved ones in an open forum and when we spend too much time on the trappings of Thanksgiving, we allow the true purpose to elude us.

 We've all spent a Thanksgiving overeating and passing out on the couch in a turkey induced haze, but how many of us have spent the day displaying our appreciation for our loved ones or the people in our community who do not have the good fortune of enjoying a colossal feast?

 A relaxed Thanksgiving is all about finding the right way to enjoy the day without having to worry about all of the issues that are associated with a large meal. Do you really need to invite every friend and family member in the area to your home, just so that everyone can eat too much of the same foods that they eat every Thanksgiving? This not only adds to your short term stress, it also makes for a much more stressful holiday overall.


Instead of relaxing and spending much needed time with family, you are now left to clear the table that has been piled high with food that no one could finish, food that is going to sit in your fridge until it is thrown away. Conversely, going out to provide food for the less fortunate decreases the amount of work that you will need to do at home. Giving to the ones who are in need is the way to go when you are looking to prepare for a stress-free Thanksgiving.

  When you are in doubt during your upcoming Thanksgiving preparations, ask yourself a few simple questions. Are the plans I am about to make in the true spirit of the holiday? Am I providing myself and the people I care about the most with the proper amount of time to reflect on the year that has passed? Will these plans give us the chance to appreciate one another and celebrate the actual meaning of Thanksgiving or am I giving myself over to the commercialism side of the equation?

 Taking a moment to look deep within and answer these questions in an honest manner will keep you from scheduling a stressful holiday for yourself. From there, take the time to decide how you are going to use this special day to make life better for the people around you who have not been as fortunate this year. Dedicating your energies to improving the Thanksgiving experience for others, instead of worrying about preparing the same mass quantities of food as always will make for a much more satisfying holiday.

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DIY – Restoring, Repairing or Renovating Your Outdoor Patio, Deck, Garage or Car Port

DIY – Restoring, Repairing or Renovating Your Outdoor Patio, Deck, Garage or Car Port

An outdoor patio іѕ thе ideal spot fоr relaxing аnd rewinding аftеr а hectic day. However, some wooden floors are not made out of hardwood and chances are that after some years these soft wood floors will show ugly damages or rot.  Keeping your existing flooring in good shape will help to prolong an extended time in which you can enjoy your outdoor space and prevent more damages – Here are some tips:

A small issue with а wooden flooring doesn't necessarily mеаn thаt уоu hаvе tо replace оr redo thе entire floor.

If your existing floor is made out of hardwood and in good shape except for only а few imperfections or damaged segments it might be simpler and more cost effective to do small area repairs than refinish the entire floor. And the good part; many times you don’t have to hire someone to make small repairs. More often than not you can do it yourself and save the money for bigger projects ѕuсh аѕ floor finishing, floor restoration or floor sanding.


How to Restore or Redo Existing Flooring Bу Replacing a Strip or Single Piece of Flooring

 If а strip оr piece оf flooring іѕ damaged bеуоnd bеіng sanded аnd filled, уоu ѕhоuld replace it.

First you should know what kind of timber your floor is made of. Therefor you should cut out the damaged piece and find someone who can identify the type of wood you should buy to replace the old pieces.

When you have your replacement timber ready to install, look out for nails you might have overseen in the remaining flooring and drive them as fаr thrоugh thе board аѕ уоu саn bу uѕіng а hammer аnd nail set. Aftеr you've finished driving the nails, it's now time to remove the old board in order to install а new one:

  1. Utilizing а chisel, split thе board. Dоіng ѕо mаkеѕ removal easier
  2. Pry оut thе оld board
  3. Remove аnу left оvеr nails оr drive thеm оut оf thе wау
  4. Cut а nеw board tо thе ѕаmе size аѕ thе оnе уоu tооk оut
  5. Test-fit thе nеw board tо bе ѕurе thаt іt wіll fit іn place. If іt doesn't fit re-cut thе board
  6. Apply construction adhesive tо thе bасk оf thе nеw strip
  7. Install аnd tap thе nеw board іntо place. Uѕе ѕоmеthіng tо protect thе strip whіlе tapping іt
  8. Nail thе board аnd drive thе heads slightly bеlоw thе surface.

Note: It mау nоt аlwауѕ bе роѕѕіblе tо match thе finish оf уоur floor. Yоu саn trу uѕіng stains оr sealers bеfоrе уоu re-finish thе entire floor tо match.


Getting Rid of Nicks and Scratches

 Many times small nicks or cracks and simple scratches can be concealed using color putty sticks. Simply clean the unsightly spot and then rub the putty stick over the damaged area. Lеt thе color dry аnd wipe іt wіth а soft cloth. Most of the time people won't be able to tell anymore where the damage was before!

If thе problem іѕ mоrе of а gouge, one might consider refinishing the wood floor surface іn order to achieve the best result.

Give Your Outdoors a New Face

 Let’s say your current outdoor patio is concrete with cracks or an old tile floor with missing pieces and you decide that restoring is not an option anymore.

Today you can buy nice DIY hardwood tiles made out of teak wood or Brazilian hardwood which both are very dense timber, ideal for outdoor areas. Hardwood resists termites and any other pest invasions, it resists any weather and temperature and this timber stays beautiful for many decades. Also, it is very easy to install these floorings as most of them are interlocking, don’t require tools, (no hammer, no chisel, no glue no nails!) do not take much time and can be reused.
This is a costlier project but well worth the investment as you can unlock the tiles and move them to your next home and you are able to add or remove rows of tiles as you change the shape of an area.

 It is probably worth the time to investigate your options and not just buy the best bargain. The variations of ready-to-install tiles are in color, size (length – and width) and pattern. Some tiles might feature 4 slats some have as many as 7 slats. The slats also vary in width. Usually the wider or longer each slat is the more expensive the tile will be.

Another factor is the bottom of the tiles where the materials and the way the tiles can have many variations which can improve or reduce the strength of each tile. Some tiles are 4-way interlocking and self-aligning and some models are only interlocked at the corners and some tiles feature a more solid bottom than others. Many customers finish the tiled area off with rocks but if you are looking to finish your space off with a border and with corner pieces you should consider tiles which do offer these additional pieces before you buy them.

If the surface of the existing area is not completely even you might consider a sand base where the area is covered or a gravel base in an open area before the tiles are installed.


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tips to enjoy your outdoor space before summer ends

backyard tips from Teakwood Central
Enjoy the last days of summer any way you can. [photo:]


Ah, the end of summer! School is about to start and the lazy days of the season turn a bit busier. Make sure you enjoy your backyard, patio or pool area with some of our tips for great family and friends time.


Anderson Valencia teak dining table and chairs set at Teakwood Central
Ode to the dinner party with a decorated table right on the lawn. [shown: Anderson Valencia Teak 15-piece Table and Chairs Set]


Host an End-of-Summer Party

Have a little barbecue, Sunday brunch or moonlight dinner! Everyone will appreciate the opportunity to enjoy some quality time together, and you’ll have an excuse to spruce up the yard. Think of an interesting theme like summer whites, tropical or make it a little more formal. Decorate the table with a pretty runner, flowers, a portable outdoor lamp and lights.

Good Directions fire pit at Teakwood Central
[shown: Good Directions fire pit]


Gather Around a Fire Pit on a Cool Night

Sometimes summer nights can be so unpredictable! If the forecast calls for some lower-than-normal temps, set up a fire pit on your patio or in the middle of the yard. Bring out comfy chairs, talk about your favorite summer stories and plan cool things to do in the fall. 


pool party decor at Teakwood Central
Give your family one last fun summer memory by the pool.


Make One Last Good Use of the Pool

If you are lucky enough to have a pool, invite all your friends and family out for a day of splashing, water volleyball or races. Set up comfortable lounge chairs and outdoor tables and chairs for your guests to relax on and by.


altavista teak bar set by Teakwood Central
A bar set is must-have for drinks on the patio. [shown: Teak Altavista bar set]


Drinks on the Patio

What outdoor summer get-together would be complete without a signature summer drink? Find a new recipe online (we love this one!), bring out an old favorite and don’t forget to serve a virgin version for non-drinkers.  A bar set comes in handy to make drinks outdoors and to store an extra set of bar accoutrements for future soirees.


Anderson Innova Sun Lounger Teakwood Central
Take some time to relax in your own backyard. [shown: Innova teak sun lounger]


Take a Nap in the Shade

Even if your summer is slower than other times in the year, take some time out to remember why you have your outdoor space and relax! Find a good, shady spot if it’s not too hot and give yourself a little escape from daily life.  Set up a comfy lounger, rocking chair, hammock or outdoor sofa and enjoy the breeze as you take a snooze.


breakfast with teak furniture at Teakwood Central
Breakfast is more delicious together and outside. [photo: Home Depot]


Have Breakfast on the Patio

You knew there was a reason you bought that outdoor bistro set! Do something different and invigorating before everyone goes off to work or day camp.  It just might be a new tradition that you continue into the fall.

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host any size outdoor party with teak extension tables

Anderson 15 Piece Valencia Double Extension Teak Dining at Teakwood Central
Valencia 15-piece Double Extension Teak Dining Set


When you need flexibility outdoors to meet multiple hosting needs, one of your best options is a teak extension dining table. Whether you have a party of four or a party of twelve, enjoy intimate get-togethers in your backyard or on your patio no matter how many people join you.

Outdoor extension tables are a great investment for so many reasons. Space constraints might not make it possible for you to keep an extremely long table in your outdoor space year-round.  A teak extension table also eliminates unsightly mismatching of tables that you have to lug from inside to make extra room for guests.  And the ease of an extension table is even more apparent in its mechanics.  With the help of a loved one, you simply slide the table apart, lift the extension up, out and into place.  It couldn’t be easier to accommodate any number of people for your gathering any time of year!

As far as quality, teak is the best choice of wood for any outdoor furniture piece, particularly large dining tables that must stay put in the elements.  The natural oils in teak protect the table from rotting, mold, mildew and weathering.  Anyone with teak furniture can tell you that the wood stays strong through any season. It’s the best investment you can make for many years of summer lunches, barbecues and parties!

How do you decide just how much flexibility you need? One thing to consider is whether you buy a set versus a table on its own.  If you purchase a set, you will need a good storage place for the extra matching chairs when they are not in use.  However, if you purchase a table on its own, you can purchase folding chairs if you have less storage space.  In addition, you can choose a different style of chairs to mix it up! You also have the option of choosing from tables that change from four to six seating or tables that change from six to more.  It really depends on how you can configure your table to your yard and the range of people you entertain throughout the year.

extension tables at Teakwood Central
You can choose tables that provide smaller flexiblity (like this Bahama extension table from Anderson) or ones that double-extend for more seating.

Teak extension tables transform beautifully from round to oval or square to rectangular shapes in a snap, so it’s up to you to decide what fits best for your needs! Rounded tables leave less of a footprint in your space and, can usually accommodate one or two extra seats more easily than a rectangular table with defined edges.  However, if you need the extra room when you extend your table, you can do something unique and simply pull your table out in the open for a more “English estate” outdoor meal.

Check out our selection of rounded or rectangular teak extension dining tables with single or double extensions!  We have a style to define any space in single tables or sets.

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drive over and walk over light tips

Artemide LineaLED Drive-Over Lights at Teakwood Central


Artemide Linealed Drive-Over Lights bring elegance to any home.


The easiest way to bring instant elegance to your driveway or outside walkway areas is to install drive-over or walk-over lights.  Recessed lights that you can install in your concrete or brick ground areas not only make driving up and walking around your house more safe, it adds a sophisticated level of beauty that regular floodlights just don’t have.

When thinking about installing drive-over lights, it’s important to be conscientious about where you place them.  Many people make the mistake of installing their lights too close together, for example, creating an area that is too bright to be aesthetically pleasing.  It’s possible, too, to place lights too far apart from each other.  By doing this, key areas of your outside areas may not receive adequate light that will be effective enough to highlight doorways and driveway edges and to safely guide people.

Take a walk around the house when it is not lit and when it is lit at night. Note areas that you would like to highlight and areas that give you trouble when approaching your home.  Mark areas on a sketch of your home to determine how many lights you will need and where.  Understanding the intensity of the kind of lights you choose is important, too.  Many drive-over lights give off enough luminescence to light an area without directly hitting or being underneath a target area.  

So which areas should you consider bringing this beautiful lighting idea to? 

The Front Door

Artemide Orcamo walk-over lights at Teakwood Central
Round or square Artemide Orcamo lights like these look fabulous on steps or on walkways leading up to your front door.


The front door is a great start.  If you have stairs, installing walk-over lights every few steps can help guide people safely from the drive or sidewalk to your home.  Artemide’s Orcamo series of walk-over lights come in square or round shapes to fit the style of your home. The gorgeous black, silkscreened glass lays flush with your surface and illuminates with eco-friendly, long-lasting LED lights with beautiful dot-like patterns. Installation is easy with the help of a professional, but each kit comes with all the pieces you need to ensure safe, simple installation in any concrete or brick setting.

The Driveway

Artemide Drive-Over light at Teakwood Central
This driveway is a great example of spacing drive-over lights effectively on a driveway.
Artemide drive-over lights at Teakwood Central


Artemide's Square Drive-Over Lights come in three sizes to fit any size driveway and to create different lighting concepts.

The driveway, of course, is the second area to consider. Artemide has a drive-over version of its square Orcamo series called Naiadethat comes in several sizes. The black silkscreened tempered glass gives each light an elegant look to your drive that fits any style home. You can choose from three different light intensities to match the size of your driveway and the amount of light you would like to have. Place lights strategically and uniformly on your drive without creating an obnoxious runway look.  You don’t need a ton of lights on the driveway as your car’s headlight beams and the front of your home will provide good lighting as you approach, however, marking the edges of the driveway a foot away from the edge and spaced five or six feet apart can help define the drive, especially when backing out at night on curved driveways.

The Front of Your Home or Garage

Artemide Linealed outdoor lighting at Teakwood Central
You can bring as much or as little beautiful light as you need to the front of your home with the Artemide Linealed long-length drive-over lights.


Finally, the front of your home or garage is a good place to place outdoor ligths. A couple of lineal lights, like Artemide’s high-performace Linealed LED lights, bring subtle attention to your structure without bringing obnoxious bright light out from the building or into a nearby window.  The long beam of light running the length of a few feet from the ground up does the job just as well as a giant floodlight that bursts with beams from the top down without the obnoxious halo.  The LED bulbs that come with the kit last a long time, but when you’re ready to change them, they are easy to replace following the kit’s simple instructions.

Make sure you consult the help of a seasoned light installation professional before purchasing your drive-over or walk-over lights.  They will have the best knowledge of the size and intensity of lights you will need while also safely installing your lights wherever you need them.  With a combination of recessed, in-ground lights around your home, you can showcase your home beautifully, safely and economically for years to come.

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