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Are you tired of getting Mom the same boring gift for Mother's Day or racking your brain trying to figure out a gift that you know she will love and can actually use?  Well, look no further, we have a unique gift for your mom that she will love forever, use all the time and think you were so clever to get her: an elegant and unique cordless egg-shaped lamp from Neoz.

Mother's Day Gift Neoz Egg Cordless Lamp


This cordless, rechargable table lamp, designed by renowned Australian industrial artist Peter Ellis and awarded the international Red Dot Design Award, has a beautiful, clean look that fits in well with any home décor, from traditional to rustic, modern to eclectic.  In such a compact size, it gives off just enough soft luminescence that will perfectly light up any room and make everything look natural.  Mom can choose from two different light levels in addition to a candle-effect feature, perfect for (romantic!) dinners or a cozy night on the back porch.

Mother's Day Gift Neoz Egg Cordless Lamp - AquaMother's Day Gift Neoz Egg Cordless Lamp OpalMother's Day Gift Neoz Egg Cordless Lamp - RedMother's Day Gift Neoz Egg Cordless Lamp - Saffron

One of the things we love is its versatility.  The Egg makes a great substitute for dinner candles and takes up little space, making room for all those delicious wares your mom loves to cook up.  When the weather’s nice, she can easily bring the Egg outside as far from the house as she’d like or take it with her to the beach if it’s close by.  Travel is a breeze if she has trips where she’ll need light but won’t always have access to an outlet.  Depending on the battery you buy, she won’t even need to bring the Egg’s simple base charger with her as light can last from 130 – 260 hours.

On a more practical note, the cordless Egg lamp is great when (God forbid!) the electricity decides to go out.  No cords, no messy candles, and no hunting for matches, which also makes it safe both indoors and out with no fire, smoke or smell blowing about.

At TeakwoodCentral.com, we offer a number of beautiful options that will perfectly match your mother’s personal style.  For the mom who is more traditional or modern, opt for the understated white Egg with a smooth and frosted finish.  For the mom who loves a little more texture and color, we have a fritted version that comes in four delicious colors: spicy saffron, punchy red, breezy aqua and creamy opal.   

Mother’s Day this year is Sunday, May 11, so order your lamp by May 5 in order to have your lamp delivered in time!

Coco Meyer
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