artemide tolomeo floor lamp: one lamp, so many possibilities!

artemide tolomeo floor lamp: one lamp, so many possibilities!

Artemide Tolomeo Mega Floor Lamp teakwoodcentralArtemide Tolomeo Mini Floor Lamp teakwoodcentral

 The classic Artemide Tolomeo Floor Lamp in mega and mini sizes.


It’s amazing how one item can change the look of a room.  A colorful rug can make a space more whimsical, a certain colored wood or silhouette can bring a room from classic to retro in seconds or even adding plants can change a space.  Is it possible for a piece of furniture to do the opposite and meld with most any home décor out there?  Absolutely, and the answer is the Artemide Tolomeo Floor Lamp.

Timelessness is a quality that is hard to come by for many items in our home. People comment all the time about how a piece of furniture they thought had staying power for years suddenly lost its luster a decade or two later.  The Tolomeo just seems to capture that classic but fresh vibe that looks good anywhere, in any decade.  Just take a look at this same lamp in NINE different decorating styles below!

Artemide Tolomeo Floor Lamp Teakwoodcentral


Fashion plus function is the key formula for this lamp. Designed by the Italian design team at Artemide of Michele De Lucchi and Giancarlo Fassina, its clean lines, broad shade, and simple yet elegant adjustable stem make it practical and beautiful all at the same time.  Its materials and finish make it even better: extruded aluminum (that just means die-cast aluminum) helps the body of the lamp stay light and make the parts easier to come together while you have three shade options and two available finishes.  It would be hard not to find the perfect combo that suits your personal style!

Besides being versatile and beautiful, the Tolomeo Floor Lamp is also a great option if you want adjustable light in the room but don’t want to install too many overhead lights.  You can match the mood of the room with a few settings and easily turn it off at the base.  And if you decorate often, you still have the lighting power of the lamp but the ability to move it around the room to suit your arrangement.  Even if the lamp stays in one spot for many years, simply swing the shade into an area where you need the light then swing it back out in the same manner to keep it out of the way.  We can't think of a better lamp to have in any home!

One more thing to love: The Tolomeo Floor Lamp is a quality and long-lasting lamp that was designed with the environment in mind. By using the LED lighting option and keeping the lamp for decades, you will make an investment in not only your home but also in the environment.

The Tolomeo is available in a mega and a mini version to fit any size room, home or office.  You can find them both and other lamps in the Tolomeo line at

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