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Olympics Fire Pit Fire Pit Art Teakwoodcentral
Athletes at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Whistler, British Columbia, know the benefit of Fire Pit Art's themed and warming fire pits.  


One of the best ways to add warmth to your backyard, patio or, if you own a bar, restaurant or hotel with a relaxing outdoor lounge area, is with a beautiful yet functional fire pit.  Instead of digging a hole in the ground and burning logs (we have seen this done before!), a fire pit turns your outside areas into an inviting hangout where you can enjoy the night free of chill and bugs. 

Imagine your family and friends huddled around a fire pit during a cool summer night or roasting marshmallows for a camping staycation in the fall.  With a fire pit, you can do all this and more.  Fire Pit Art’s Asian-Inspired Fire Pits, for example, range in size from 36 inches to 72 inches depending on the size of your outdoor area, family size or typical get-togethers.  They all have the same close-to-the-earth design in a zen-like flat Asian bowl shape that allows the fire to be viewed from any seating height or angle.  This particular line is made to order by craftsman Rick Wittring from Tennessee, which means when your fire pit arrives at your home or business, you will receive a one-of-a-kind piece that Mr. Wittring created and numbered himself (that's him below)!

fire pit art rick wittring teakwood central


A concern for many people, especially parents, is safety. A spark guard or screen can help contain your fire will still allowing you to enjoy the beauty of the flames. They come in different sizes so you can be sure you find the right size that fits your fire pit. Many fire pits come with their own like the Good Directions Medium Fire Pit with a cool Mayan design. Or opt for a full-steel dome like the Starry Night Fire Dome from Good Directions with a cool cut-out star pattern.  And a bonus: It only enhances the look of your fire pit with an elegant black mesh screen or beautiful design. 

fire screen or screen guard teakwoodcentral
starry night dome fire pit cover teakwoodcentral
Safety is of utmost importance.  Your fire pit is great on its own but for extra assurance, purchase one with a fire screen, guard or dome or add your own. $89.99 - $179.99


Can you count on your fire pit to last?  Absolutely!  Fire pits come with a temperature-resistant coating and also a 1.5-inch diameter rain drain to keep it from collecting water. What’s more, the entire pit is made of ¼-inch thick mild carbon steel, making it extremely durable.  Leave it outside year-round, knowing that the outer iron oxide patina will make your fire pit maintenance-free.

bella vita fire pit teakwoodcentral
The Bella Vita is a striking stainless steel fire pit in a shiny, modern finish. $2,700


nepal style fire pit teakwoodcentral
This Nepalese-style fire pit looks like a giant clay pot that will enhance the look of your backyard or patio, lit or not. $1,090


funky dog fire pit art teakwoodcentral
A tribute to man's best friend, you'll love this Funky Dog fire pit. $790


fleur de lis fire pit art teakwoodcentral
For "Who Dat" style or a tribute to French royalty, enjoy a Fleur de Lis-patterned fire pit. $790


Now to one of our favorite parts – style!  Fire pits by virtue of their purpose make wonderful outdoor decorative pieces.  However, you can go a step further and find a fire pit that matches your personal style.  The Bella Vita by Fire Pit Art has a modern stainless steel look that complements more contemporary homes and looks clean and sophisticated.  You can go for a southwest vibe with the Kokopelli Fire Pit by Fire Pit Art, a Cajun/French look with the Fleur de Lis pattern or, for the dog lover, the Funky Dog complete with adorable cut-out paw prints.

No matter what shape, color or pattern you choose for your fire pit, you can be sure you will have a piece that kicks up your backyard, patio or outdoor lounge area a notch any time of day.

Coco Meyer
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