Discover The Magic Of Spending Time Outdoors With Your Family

Discover The Magic Of Spending Time Outdoors With Your Family

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Look around you right now. Tell me, what can you see? Your TV set, game-pads, tablets, and everything modern technology has enriched given our world. How often do you take the time to walk in the park or just spend time outdoors with nature and your family, reliving good old times and creating new memories? You know how stressful work is and how direly you need relief from all the pent-up anxiety you feel. Why not consider taking a break every once in a while or as often as possible to stay out of your house and just get lost in the beautiful flora and fauna around you?

Okay! You live in the city, and there's not much greenery to call outdoors. There are several things you could do to have fun with your family. But before I mention them, let's talk about the benefits that come with enjoying nature.

Stress Relief – Spending time outdoors can relieve you of stress, depression, fatigue, anxiety, tension, and bitterness. Nature has a magical way of calming your nerves and assuring your mind that all will be okay.

Improved Creativity and Focus – Several studies have discovered that the more time you spend admiring the breath-taking sights of nature, the more creative you'll become. Little wonder poets like Shakespeare and William Blake personified the seasons of the year with so much instinct.

Mental Boost – Hiking or even sightseeing can aid your mental abilities and fill your mind with energy and a heightened perception of life itself.

Guardian Angel from Cancer – Because you're exposed to sunlight, you get a healthy dose of Vitamin D which your body needs to fight against cancer which the city gladly glues to you.

A Happy you – Spending time outdoors gives you a positive self-image, which invariably affects your level of happiness and delight with yourself and family.

Healthier Relationships – Since you can share more moments with your family and friends and away from your Smartphone, you'll most likely strengthen your family bond and forgive hurts very easily.

So, what activities can you, your friends and families do outdoors?

  • Sightseeing
  • Visit parks like the Central Park
  • Tours to historical sites, museums, and gardens which have outdoor furniture that allow you to relax
  • Mountain climbing
  • Outdoor exercises
  • Games
  • Fishing
  • Biking
  • Camping
  • Boating
  • Horseback Riding
  • Picnicking
  • Swimming

And the list is endless. You know what's more? You can also grill your food outdoors and still keep it tasty. How?

Grilling Healthy Foods

You can grill your meat outdoors and reduce the chances of getting cancer from carcinogenic chemicals. Don’t burn your meat or actually don’t burn any food. There are copper pads and special grill pans available to avoid the direct flames which cause the burning. Instead of meat, you could grill fish and seafood which don’t need much heat to cook. Grill veggies to which you can add your favorite spices for taste.

Or even better – spend time around a nice sturdy fire pit and share stories while warming up your smores! Life can be so much fun when you don't get yourself all worked up with deadlines and rules. Take scenic drives often and lose yourself in the beauty of nature.

We can't wait to help you plan your outdoor activities. Why not get in touch?

Coco Meyer
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