Do-It-Yourself Teak Tile Flooring

le click teak tile flooring by pool teakwoodcentral
Imagine having this flooring outdoors - and doing it yourself!


Have you always dreamed of doing something unique, durable and different with your patio or deck flooring?  It’s so refreshing to have a new, clean floor that enhances your backyard or outdoor space and makes it enjoyable to host guests.  However, the cost, hassle with contractors and the lack of a guarantee of quality are all major factors that can keep us from taking the plunge and making the change.

natural finish teak le click floor tile teakwoodcentral
Natural finish teak Le Click tile in the spiral pattern.


oiled teak le click tile floor teakwoodcentral
The oiled finish gives a darker hue that can be preserved with special teak oil.


Enter the Teak Le Click flooring system! When we first happened upon these tiles, we couldn’t believe how incredibly gorgeous yet easy-to-install they were. The name really does say it all. With this system, you have two types of locking mechanisms (pin-to-loop or pin-to-pin) that let the pieces connect with ease by locking them into place. You can even purchase sets with edges to give your space a good-looking and polished finish. 

teak le click tile floor deck teakwoodcentral
Yes, yes and yes! We love what you can do to a porch or outdoor deck like this with a simple 'click'.


Teak tile flooring is a great option for any place in the house or even for a business:

  • Balconies, decks, patios
  • Florida rooms
  • Roof tops, terraces
  • In- and outdoor pools
  • In- and outdoor showers
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchen
  • Closets
  • Home office
  • Cellars, wine room
  • Boats and yachts
  • Spa projects, beauty salons and studios
  • Furniture and interior design showrooms
  • Exhibition booth flooring system
zen do it yourself teak tile bathroom floor mat teakwoodcentral
A zen teak floor mat makes a great, easy-to-clean option in your bathroom.


Okay, sounds great, but is it really easy to install?  We all know we excitedly devote a weekend to a do-it-yourself project and many times end up leaving them on the side of the house or in the garage for another day (and preferably a day when you have more patience!).  The Le Click flooring system literally takes just three steps so you can start right away:

  1. Measure the surface area of your space and choose a style and finish for your floor.
  2. Clean the surface.
  3. Lay the tiles in one click.

If you ever need to replace a tile for some reason, you simply unclick it and click a new one into place.

Style-wise, you have a lot of options. You can choose from a natural finish (which, as we know from our previous post, will eventually age to a gorgeous yet just-as-durable silvery gray) or oiled, which preserves the warm teak color. You can also choose from a number of patterns like spiral, alternating or straight.  This is where you can get really creative and even mix and match or create your own design.

Now’s the time to get that vision of a more beautiful floor off the ground and to make it happen.  It’s so easy to put together, you can involve the whole family – and teach the kids how to measure and build something at the same time.

Where else could you possibly use the Teak Le Click flooring system?  Like our Facebook page and post your idea and pics to share with us!

Coco Meyer
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