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Artemide LineaLED Drive-Over Lights at Teakwood Central


Artemide Linealed Drive-Over Lights bring elegance to any home.


The easiest way to bring instant elegance to your driveway or outside walkway areas is to install drive-over or walk-over lights.  Recessed lights that you can install in your concrete or brick ground areas not only make driving up and walking around your house more safe, it adds a sophisticated level of beauty that regular floodlights just don’t have.

When thinking about installing drive-over lights, it’s important to be conscientious about where you place them.  Many people make the mistake of installing their lights too close together, for example, creating an area that is too bright to be aesthetically pleasing.  It’s possible, too, to place lights too far apart from each other.  By doing this, key areas of your outside areas may not receive adequate light that will be effective enough to highlight doorways and driveway edges and to safely guide people.

Take a walk around the house when it is not lit and when it is lit at night. Note areas that you would like to highlight and areas that give you trouble when approaching your home.  Mark areas on a sketch of your home to determine how many lights you will need and where.  Understanding the intensity of the kind of lights you choose is important, too.  Many drive-over lights give off enough luminescence to light an area without directly hitting or being underneath a target area.  

So which areas should you consider bringing this beautiful lighting idea to? 

The Front Door

Artemide Orcamo walk-over lights at Teakwood Central
Round or square Artemide Orcamo lights like these look fabulous on steps or on walkways leading up to your front door.


The front door is a great start.  If you have stairs, installing walk-over lights every few steps can help guide people safely from the drive or sidewalk to your home.  Artemide’s Orcamo series of walk-over lights come in square or round shapes to fit the style of your home. The gorgeous black, silkscreened glass lays flush with your surface and illuminates with eco-friendly, long-lasting LED lights with beautiful dot-like patterns. Installation is easy with the help of a professional, but each kit comes with all the pieces you need to ensure safe, simple installation in any concrete or brick setting.

The Driveway

Artemide Drive-Over light at Teakwood Central
This driveway is a great example of spacing drive-over lights effectively on a driveway.
Artemide drive-over lights at Teakwood Central


Artemide's Square Drive-Over Lights come in three sizes to fit any size driveway and to create different lighting concepts.

The driveway, of course, is the second area to consider. Artemide has a drive-over version of its square Orcamo series called Naiadethat comes in several sizes. The black silkscreened tempered glass gives each light an elegant look to your drive that fits any style home. You can choose from three different light intensities to match the size of your driveway and the amount of light you would like to have. Place lights strategically and uniformly on your drive without creating an obnoxious runway look.  You don’t need a ton of lights on the driveway as your car’s headlight beams and the front of your home will provide good lighting as you approach, however, marking the edges of the driveway a foot away from the edge and spaced five or six feet apart can help define the drive, especially when backing out at night on curved driveways.

The Front of Your Home or Garage

Artemide Linealed outdoor lighting at Teakwood Central
You can bring as much or as little beautiful light as you need to the front of your home with the Artemide Linealed long-length drive-over lights.


Finally, the front of your home or garage is a good place to place outdoor ligths. A couple of lineal lights, like Artemide’s high-performace Linealed LED lights, bring subtle attention to your structure without bringing obnoxious bright light out from the building or into a nearby window.  The long beam of light running the length of a few feet from the ground up does the job just as well as a giant floodlight that bursts with beams from the top down without the obnoxious halo.  The LED bulbs that come with the kit last a long time, but when you’re ready to change them, they are easy to replace following the kit’s simple instructions.

Make sure you consult the help of a seasoned light installation professional before purchasing your drive-over or walk-over lights.  They will have the best knowledge of the size and intensity of lights you will need while also safely installing your lights wherever you need them.  With a combination of recessed, in-ground lights around your home, you can showcase your home beautifully, safely and economically for years to come.

Coco Meyer
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