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Teak Adirondack chair at Teakwood Central
Teak Adirondack Chair with Footrest - Available at TeakwoodCentral.com


Nothing in your backyard can bring you to the East Coast faster than an Adirondack chair.  Popular at summer cottages on Martha’s Vineyard and the Hamptons, these are the kind of chairs that bring fashion and function together beautifully.


Adirondack Mountains Map - Teakwood Central


The first Adirondack chair was actually designed by Thomas Lee in the Adirondack Mountains at the turn of the last century – hence the name Adirondack.  Calling them Westport Chairs for the town where he devised this design one summer, Thomas settled on a flat, multi-plank design and a relaxed back for extra comfort. In fact, his family had the final say on the design after testing several out. [source]

Since then, the Adirondack chair has gone through several modifications in style, color and type of wood while still maintaining its ergonomic shape.  At Teakwood Central, we carry our own take from Anderson Collections.  In addition to the standard wide-planked back with appealing rounded ends, low flat armrests and deep-curved seat, our Adirondack has a foot rest to double your comfort!

Many people observe that, over the years, outdoor chairs like these, especially in moist or beachy climates, tend to show weathering and require a lot of maintenance.  By using teak wood, however, you can ensure that your Adirondack chair is going to last for many years and generations.  Due to teak’s resilient nature and natural oils, it will resist drying out, pests, moisture, mold and mildew.  You’ll notice that the chair will change over time from its natural warm color to a silvery-gray but will never lose its integrity or beauty. 

So pull up an Adirondack chair wherever you relax outdoors and literally sit back and relax!

Coco Meyer
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