fire pits and beads: great alternative to wood and coal

fire pit with fire stones teakwoodcentral

Fire stones and fire beads make a great alternative to wood and coal.

So now that you have your fabulous fire pit, how do you get that gorgeous and warming fire roaring?  You can go the traditional route with logs and coal…or you can go a more elegant, long-lasting and cleaner route with fire stones and fire beads.

fire pit with colored fire stones by pool teakwoodcentral

Check out the vibrant color of this fire pit! Fire stones and fire beads can enhance any outdoor look with just a change in color.


Fire glass and beads radiate about three to four times more heat than logs or coal. Now here’s the science: the glass radiates the heat, provides a constant flow and more efficiently produces heat because its entire structure is involved.  (By the way, fire stones are simply cut pieces of glass while beads are smoothed down to look like pebbles.) 

fire beads for fire pits teakwoodcentral

Fire beads are rounder, smoother and more polished...


fire stones for fire pits teakwoodcentral

...while fire stones have more jagged (but safe!) edges.


So what are these miracle flame-makers?  Simply tempered glass that has been tumbled and polished to prevent sharp edges and to withstand extremely high temperatures so as not to melt, burn or discolor when used properly.  When burned continuously, fire stones and beads never create toxic fumes, smoke, ash and soot, which makes it even safer for your family and friends to gather around. 

It’s also a great investment, as you will never have to replace the glass.  It lasts forever and simply needs to be cleaned with detergent if a little build-up accrues from the elements. offers them in ten-pound bags, so you can be sure you will have just the right amount.  Any extra that does not go into your fire pit can also be used indoors in your fireplace!

half inch fire stones premium colors teakwoodcentral

Half-inch colors from our premium collection


Quarter-inch colors for fire stones fire pits teakwoodcentral

Quarter-inch colors from our premium collection


colored fire beads collection fire pit teakwoodcentral

Dazzling array of colors from our fire beads collection


You also can’t have a more elegant and beautiful option for your outdoor fire pit.  The glass reflects the light and creates a dancing-flame effect that makes your fire pit stand out even more and will dazzle your family and guests every time. In addition, they come in tons of fabulous colors that you can mix and match to fit your outdoor décor and furniture.   Many people like to produce unique themes with two colors to match an event or just to spice up their outdoor spaces a bit.

As with all fire products, make sure you read the instructions carefully on the package and then enjoy your fire stones and beads any time of year!

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Coco Meyer
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