Getting Ready For The Outdoor Season

Getting Ready For The Outdoor Season

Spring Is In The Air

 The arrival of the month of March is a signal that we have officially entered the spring period which comes along with warm sunshine, blooming flowers, bird-singing and the thought of outdoor entertainment making it time to begin planning for your various outdoor hangouts such as patios, backyards, gardens etc. As the outdoor season is upon us, it is time to rearrange and decorate our patios to be able to take in the view of the sunset with the weather becoming warm and the days getting longer with the spring season making us feel its presence.

 To be able to get ready for the outdoor season, we need very creative ideas to light up our patios, taking them to the next level as there are little additions and subtraction to be done to spice up the outdoor space, setting up your patio for spring and remodeling our outdoor patio such as


  • Use of a fire pit: This comes in very handy as it is well known that during the spring season i.e. within the months of March and April, there is usually a drop in temperature at nights so instead of sitting outside in the cold or avoiding sitting outside at night time because of the temperature of the weather build a fire pit. A stone encased fire pit is easily advised to build as it is easy to build and install and the stone walls easily absorb heat making it perfect for a late night sit out


  • It is also advisable to give your porch and patio a new facelift i.e. a new fresh coat of paint to make it feel airier, mixed patterns are also recommended such as mixing a fresh painted porch and patio with a patterned rug to give it another desirable look.


  • Floor coverings are also used to complete the look and give our porch and patio more style


  • The idea of adding a swing to your porch and patio is another one not to overlook as it becomes relaxing when you think of the idea of snuggling up on a swing on a late spring evening.


  • See your porch and patio as an extension of your house setting it up to be really comfortable and as a place to entertain guest during the spring so therefore it is advisable to set up a sitting area with various designs and types of couches or cushions furnished with colorful throw pillows to light up the scenery, a coffee table, a mirror, other garden accessories and if you are lacking space on your porch and patio then an outdoor rug for sitting would do the trick.


  • Not forgetting the right lighting as it does not only add finishing touches to your porch and patio but also adds to the porch and patio the desired charm and ambiance which completes the outdoor season. Finding the right lighting system for the exact spot is a complete genius as lights along the walkways, lights tucked in between your plants and an overhead light complements the beauty of the patio. If there is a provision for outdoor lighting, outdoor chandeliers would be a perfect fit same as rustic wooden lanterns which are a good fit for tucking next to a chair or on the center of a table.


  • Last but not the list, the use of potted plants and herbs which are a welcomed addition to our porches and patios because of their prettiness and the addition of softness to the look of our patios.

 There are many choices in the selection of outdoor furniture for our porches and patios when it comes to making furniture many materials are used depending on our choice as new, used, or vintage furniture is readily available. These furnitures are made from a wide range of materials such as wood or synthetics, teak, wrought iron, cast iron, wicker and rattan, steel, concrete, aluminum, fiberglass, plastic and solid surface etc.  While making your choice to buy, it is advised to purchase green and eco-friendly furniture.

 Wood, hardwood such as kwila and teak are used to make outdoor furniture, furniture made from kwila are usually well priced as it is a durable hardwood from the isles of the pacific and some of south East Asia. It is known as the wood that has a natural color and bleeds every time.

 Teak on the other hand is one of the best woods for outdoor furniture and is a smart choice to look out for when making your purchase as its hardwood timber has a natural waxiness because of the highness of the level of oil contained in it making it durable and stable as it also possess an all-weather ability compared to pine and cedar which does not fare well in the winter. This particular type of wood lacks dings and dents with a lifespan of up to 50 years. Spotting the difference between inferior teak wood and high-quality teak wood is easy as inferior teak wood have knots on its grain and is of the tree trunks outer parts while the high quality is gotten out of the center of the tree trunk with a characteristically beautiful grain free from imperfections and knots.

 Aluminum is termed near perfect metal used for outdoor furniture because of several of its characteristics such as its durability, it is lightweight and avoids rust. High-quality powder coat finish is applied on finished aluminum furniture as it acts as a tough surface making it knock resistant and an anti-corrosive barrier which improves strength and rigidity.


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