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Anderson 15 Piece Valencia Double Extension Teak Dining at Teakwood Central
Valencia 15-piece Double Extension Teak Dining Set


When you need flexibility outdoors to meet multiple hosting needs, one of your best options is a teak extension dining table. Whether you have a party of four or a party of twelve, enjoy intimate get-togethers in your backyard or on your patio no matter how many people join you.

Outdoor extension tables are a great investment for so many reasons. Space constraints might not make it possible for you to keep an extremely long table in your outdoor space year-round.  A teak extension table also eliminates unsightly mismatching of tables that you have to lug from inside to make extra room for guests.  And the ease of an extension table is even more apparent in its mechanics.  With the help of a loved one, you simply slide the table apart, lift the extension up, out and into place.  It couldn’t be easier to accommodate any number of people for your gathering any time of year!

As far as quality, teak is the best choice of wood for any outdoor furniture piece, particularly large dining tables that must stay put in the elements.  The natural oils in teak protect the table from rotting, mold, mildew and weathering.  Anyone with teak furniture can tell you that the wood stays strong through any season. It’s the best investment you can make for many years of summer lunches, barbecues and parties!

How do you decide just how much flexibility you need? One thing to consider is whether you buy a set versus a table on its own.  If you purchase a set, you will need a good storage place for the extra matching chairs when they are not in use.  However, if you purchase a table on its own, you can purchase folding chairs if you have less storage space.  In addition, you can choose a different style of chairs to mix it up! You also have the option of choosing from tables that change from four to six seating or tables that change from six to more.  It really depends on how you can configure your table to your yard and the range of people you entertain throughout the year.

extension tables at Teakwood Central
You can choose tables that provide smaller flexiblity (like this Bahama extension table from Anderson) or ones that double-extend for more seating.

Teak extension tables transform beautifully from round to oval or square to rectangular shapes in a snap, so it’s up to you to decide what fits best for your needs! Rounded tables leave less of a footprint in your space and, can usually accommodate one or two extra seats more easily than a rectangular table with defined edges.  However, if you need the extra room when you extend your table, you can do something unique and simply pull your table out in the open for a more “English estate” outdoor meal.

Check out our selection of rounded or rectangular teak extension dining tables with single or double extensions!  We have a style to define any space in single tables or sets.

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