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Now that the weather has finally given us a chance to enjoy the great outdoors, it’s time to think about hosting your first backyard party of the season!  Every host or hostess knows that it takes careful planning and lots of paying attention to details to make everything appear seamless.  Before you start planning your lunch or dinner menu, make sure you have all the right furniture pieces in place! 

The right base of furniture anchors any party you give, so it's important to invest in something that you know will withstand time and weather for years and years (and your style changes!). Teak furniture is probably your best bet for outdoor entertaining because of the wood’s quality.  As the pieces are exposed to the elements, the wood begins to weather to a beautiful shade of silvery-gray and continues to maintain its integrity, year after year.  So you don’t have to worry about cleaning it constantly, oiling it or refinishing it every summer. 

teak outdoor dining set anderson teak valencia


First things first: your dining table and chairs.  Depending on how big or small your parties tend to be or the particular space you have to work with, you’ll want to decide on just the right shape and size of table.  We love round tables for the community feeling it gives and the facilitation of easier conversation.  Banquet styles, however, always work best in a narrow area and always look festive.   

The best of both worlds come together with our Anderson 15-piece Valencia Double Extension Teak Dining Set. Yes, FIFTEEN pieces and DOUBLE extension!  Seat anywhere from six people to fourteen people comfortably, and you’ll never be at a loss to figure out space.  With one table (with two extensions), two folding teak armchairs, and twelve classic folding teak chairs, it’s like getting a dinner party all in one set!  (We also offer a smaller, 11-set version!)  Add some color and extra comfort with 46 different color and print options of all-weather cushions

cordless table lamp neoz owlcordless table lamp neoz icecordless table lamp neoz egg






What dinner party would be complete without a little extra ambience? You can add a beautiful glow to your table with a cordless table lamp.  The sleek, shaded owl; the classic ice square; or the delightfully whimsical egg are just some of the great options we offer, depending on your style or if you desire color.  Just place three to five of them along the middle of your table, and you’re party will jump a few notches up the style scale in seconds. The lamps give off the perfect light (they have two settings or a candlelight effect) and eliminate the worry with candles melting on the table or going out with a breeze.



For an extra special touch and for cooler nights, add a fire dome and bowl on either side of the table.  Your guests will appreciate the extra warmth, and the glow of the protected fire will give an exciting and festive touch to your get-together!

By choosing flexibility in your furniture and bringing in a few simple but exciting accents that can be used in different ways, any party you give outdoors will be more enjoyable and memorable for you and your guests.

Coco Meyer
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