How Firm Will Your Love Be This Valentine?

How Firm Will Your Love Be This Valentine?

February 14. is a day set aside especially to celebrate love, a day that's known globally as Valentine's day. This day is a festival of love, which many people celebrated by giving out flowers, cards, chocolate, gifts or letters, to their partners, friends and family members. It is also a day to show love to everyone not just to the people close to us.

Valentine's day, also known as the day of love is named after a Christian martyr which date back to the 5th century and was originated in the Roman holiday Lupercalia. Decades ago, lovers used to exchange handwritten notes, but during the 1990s commercial cards became available and popular. Commonly used symbols on Valentine's day are red roses, cupid, hearts which particularly comes in reds or pinks or models of Cupid.


 Cupid is usually seen/portray as a small winged figure with an arrow and bow. Mythologically, this little-winged figure (which is either a boy or a girl) strikes the heart of people with his/her arrow. People who are in love are believed to be 'struck by the arrow of the Cupid's angel’.

 A lot of people celebrate their love for their partner, friends and family members by sending flowers, letters, cards, candy, or giving out gifts. An individual who would like to have a special relationship with someone usually take advantage of this time to make known his/her intentions, and oftentimes, they do anonymously. They go for cards decorated with images of Cupid, hearts, or red roses, sometimes, even include gifts like chocolate, cake, flowers, candy, champagne or lingerie. While some people do the extreme by presenting luxurious gifts, such as jewelry or expensive cars.


          You can actually celebrate Valentine's day without all this fanfare. You don't have to buy chocolate, gift items, jewelry to express love. You can show your spouse and children and other family members that you love them every day by being open and active in their lives, have the willingness to express love or hurt calmly, have complete trust that your partner has your back and you got theirs, and most especially, the desire to express love freely with small daily actions and words (you don't have to conform to the norm of exchanging gift items).

 This year you could agree within your partnership or family to share your Valentine’s day gift with a complete stranger. With someone who needs our support and who will probably love us back for the fact that we care. This year’s February 14th could be the day to donate to  Help Feeding America or make a change in your neighborhood and Help the Homeless .

Knowing that your gesture of helping a stranger will last so much longer than the roses or the chocolate bear will bring all the joy right back to your heart!

Coco Meyer
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