how to light up your next pool party

LED All-Weather Light at Teakwood Central
LED all-weather lights, like the Globes by Infinita above, create a unique light show in your backyard.


Food, check.  Drinks, check. Guest list, check.  Cool pool lighting… Having a little trouble with this one?  When you throw a pool party, it can be fun to add a little summertime ambience with lights.  But sometimes those cute Christmas lights that you had to dig out, test and hang are just not enough.  You can go to a pool store and find one of those floating pool lights, but they don't always work as promised.    If you want to really make your pool party something to remember, bring on the big guns with all-weather LED lighting concepts!

LED All-Weather Light at Teakwood Central
LED all-weather lights like the Dew by Infinita look just as great indoors as they do outdoors


If you want something that actually works and looks less like a version of the game Simon, try a cordless all-weather LED light.  In a variety of shapes and with surfaces that emit light in all directions, you can create your very own light show in your pool and backyard.

LED All-Weather Light at Teakwood Central
The Zen by Infinita is a unique shape that adds something special to your outdoor area.


Each LED all-weather light we carry is not only beautiful but also durable. Made of strong polyethylene (that’s just a fancy word for synthetic resin), these lights are long-lasting, waterproof and look simply elegant.  When fully charged, the battery stays strong for six hours (up to 80,000 total hours over the light's lifetime), so your all-weather light will be guaranteed to last through any season, year after year. They will probably be one of the best investments you can make for your home as you can use them outdoors as well as indoors wherever you need portable soft or hard light with a colorful twitst.

LED All-Weather Light at Teakwood Central
Durable and light, these lights add whimsy and wonder to any outdoor escape.


The best part is choosing from a variety of light shapes and color settings.  At Teakwood Central, we carry several styles to suit your personal taste.  Or you can collect three or more different shapes to create a unique effect.  In addition, choose from one color or let the lights cycle through up to 160,000 colors!  The Flat Ball, one of our more popular LED all-weather lights is about 14 inches in diameter and is perfect in the pool or on a table. The Globe is another timeless shape that looks amazing floating in the water.  Imagine three or four of these floating around in different colors that you easily set with a button or remote control wherver you are outside! The Dew and the Zen are super fun shapes that add extra texture and interest to your outdoor space or pool area with their unique contours. And finally, the 14-inch Cube, which looks like an amazing large block of ice, can easily hold drinks while you lounge in the water and soak in the changing stream of colors.  

LED All-Weather Light at Teakwood Central
The Cube by Infinita is both fashionable and functional, day or night.

You can order any of these LED all-weather lights at to complement your teak patio furniture.   Show us how you use your LED all-weather light!

Coco Meyer
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