literally light up your wine with the sofresh cooler

, 2014
SoFresh Light Up Wine Bottle Cooler at Teakwood Central
The SoFresh Bottle Cooler Available at


When you have to throw a party outdoors, what’s one of the first things you always take care of?  Ice! One of the first tenants of party-planning when it’s warm is to make sure you keep your wine, champagne and other bottles of refreshments cold. 

SoFresh Light Up Wine Bottle Cooler at Teakwood Central
The most versatile and practical bottle cooler you'll ever need.

What's the second thing you need to make sure you do?  Have a good source of light.  So what if you could take care of the ice andbrighten up your get-together?  We have the answer in the SoFresh Bottle Cooler at  Perfect for outdoors and indoors, this cooler will definitely be the center of attention (besides you, of course) the minute everyone lays eyes on it.

SoFresh Light Up Wine Bottle Cooler at Teakwood Central
So easy to control the colors with the push of a button.


So let’s talk about how practical this bottle cooler is. The SoFresh Bottle Cooler is, first of all, effective. Its polyethylene, which is simply a synthetic resin, is the secret behind keeping your ice and bottles cold for hours.  That means the cooler is also waterproof and unbreakable, perfect for those inevitable moments when someone’s having a little too much fun. The battery lasts for six hours charged, and the cooler itself is good to go for a lifetime – up to 80,000 hours of total use!

SoFresh Light Up Wine Bottle Cooler at Teakwood Central
Red is just one of tons of colors to choose from.


Now for the fun part – the lighting behind this amazing cooler! The reason why it’s so perfect for an indoor and especially an outdoor party is the LED lighting behind it. You have so many options when it comes to this cooler, you’ll want to play around with it until you capture just the right mood for your party. Program the lights to give off a soft or hard glow and choose from a few distinct colors to match your theme.  Can’t choose a color? Then you can just let the cooler run through the – are you ready for this – 160,000 colors in its system. To apply your setting, just press the buttons on the bottom of the cooler or use a remote control (so you can do this from the pool, of course, or by the grill), which is sold separately.

SoFresh Light Up Wine Bottle Cooler at Teakwood Central
Let us know if you'd like to order the remote control, which comes separately.


At just six pounds, this cooler will be a standard part of every party at your home, hotel or club. Even if it starts to rain, you can count on the SoFresh Bottle Cooler to literally and figuratively keeps its cool and to add something cool to all your shindigs.


You can order your SoFresh Bottle Cooler at to complement your teak party furniture.   

Coco Meyer
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