Pool Time! The Versatile Teak Pool and Shower Mat

Le Spa Rectangular Teak String Pool and Shower Mat - at TeakwoodCentral.com


Now that summer is in full swing, pool and beach parties abound.  Every summer we buy the same pool mats and shower-area pieces only to find that they don’t last quite through a summer or two.  Because of the inherent integrity of teak wood, pool and shower mats made of this mold- and mildew-free wood will not only add a spa-like touch to your pool area or beach house but also give you a comfortable and long-lasting alternative to plastic and rubber mats.

Le Spa Teak Floor and Shower Mat - at TeakwoodCentral.com


Next to the Pool

Don’t you just hate that uncomfortable feeling when you jump out of the pool and onto hot concrete or wood that’s been baking in the hot sun?  It’s an irony that any pool-lover deals with. You come out of the cool water, warm your feet on sun-soaked areas around the pool and then quickly realize your feet are on fire!  You can easily save your feet by creating a path of teak shower mats from the pool ladder to your patio that is splinter-free and will stay cool, even in 90-degree-plus weather.  Teak is known for not only its smooth quality but also its temperature-neutral attribute.  Plus, teak shower mats add some elegance to your pool area in its warm hue that lasts season after season. When the summer’s over, simply roll them up and store them away in a teak storage box with no maintenance.

Le Spa Teak Wood Shower and Floor Mat with Rounded Corners - at TeakwoodCentral.com


Outside and Inside the Shower

Teak mats are also a great addition as you enter your outdoor shower.  You won’t have to clean the mat all summer long like you would other woods that potentially rot or collect dirt in its crevices easily.  No matter how many people step onto it and into the shower, the teak slats will maintain their beauty, smoothness and quality time after time.  It’s also a comfortable, clean-feeling alternative to rubber mats that (yuck) seem to show the wear of time in just a few months. Have one inside the shower, too, for a safe and clean way to rinse off over the shower drain.



Everywhere in the House and More

Wherever you have water, a teak shower mat will be a perfect companion - in front of the kitchen or bathroom sink; outside the tub or shower; in an RV, camper or boat. These teak shower mats prove to be a versatile addition to any area where slips and falls can happen easily. The beauty in traveling with these mats is that they rinse off and roll up for easy maintenance and storage on the go. They look great for spas and hotels, too, to give a zen feel to any guest area. As you use them, you’ll surely find more and more uses for them.

Coco Meyer
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