Prepare For a Stress-Free Thanksgiving This Year!

Prepare For a Stress-Free Thanksgiving This Year!

 Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful for what we have and it is also a time of giving. While some of us allow ourselves to become overly stressed at the prospect of this holiday, there are a number of easy ways to prepare for a stress free Thanksgiving in your home. Giving back is an important aspect of the season and by feeding the poor and homeless, you can enjoy the feeling of accomplish that is associated with a job well done.

 This is the first place to start when it comes time to relieve your stress. How many times have you spend an entire Thanksgiving preparing massive amounts of food that are likely to go uneaten? Instead of spending valuable time and money obtaining food that you are not even going to be able to finish, why not donate some of your unnecessary foodstuffs to the less fortunate?

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 Somehow, we've allowed ourselves to fall into the trap of believing that Thanksgiving is all about stuffing our faces with all of the food that we can muster, while ignoring the trials and tribulations that are taking place in the world around us. The concept of giving to those who are in need is often lost on us, as we scramble to create the biggest and best spread for our loved ones.

 Not only are we turning a blind eye to the needs of the outside world, but we are only providing ourselves with more stress in the process. There is a much deeper meaning to this day, as it is a time to sit back and reflect on what we are thankful for. Unfortunately, there are many who see Thanksgiving as a time to feed all of the people they know and eat themselves into a stupor.

 This is the exact opposite of what the day is about and those who allow themselves to succumb to the temptation of spending their day eating are only cheating themselves, in addition to making their life more stressful. That's why the first step towards having a stress free Thanksgiving at home is to spend less time worrying about how much food you can eat and to spend more time worrying about how you can help your fellow man.

 Take the time to sit down with your family and discuss the things that you are truly grateful for, instead of paying lip service to the true meaning of Thanksgiving. Feeding the poor and homeless and giving back to your community is crucial, but true charity starts at home. It begins by looking at the people you love most and telling them how much you care.

 Giving your loved ones the flowers they deserve while they still have the chance to smell them is one of the most important things that we can do. When we are wrapped up in our daily existences, it can be hard to set aside our feelings and emotions to speak to our loved ones in an open forum and when we spend too much time on the trappings of Thanksgiving, we allow the true purpose to elude us.

 We've all spent a Thanksgiving overeating and passing out on the couch in a turkey induced haze, but how many of us have spent the day displaying our appreciation for our loved ones or the people in our community who do not have the good fortune of enjoying a colossal feast?

 A relaxed Thanksgiving is all about finding the right way to enjoy the day without having to worry about all of the issues that are associated with a large meal. Do you really need to invite every friend and family member in the area to your home, just so that everyone can eat too much of the same foods that they eat every Thanksgiving? This not only adds to your short term stress, it also makes for a much more stressful holiday overall.


Instead of relaxing and spending much needed time with family, you are now left to clear the table that has been piled high with food that no one could finish, food that is going to sit in your fridge until it is thrown away. Conversely, going out to provide food for the less fortunate decreases the amount of work that you will need to do at home. Giving to the ones who are in need is the way to go when you are looking to prepare for a stress-free Thanksgiving.

  When you are in doubt during your upcoming Thanksgiving preparations, ask yourself a few simple questions. Are the plans I am about to make in the true spirit of the holiday? Am I providing myself and the people I care about the most with the proper amount of time to reflect on the year that has passed? Will these plans give us the chance to appreciate one another and celebrate the actual meaning of Thanksgiving or am I giving myself over to the commercialism side of the equation?

 Taking a moment to look deep within and answer these questions in an honest manner will keep you from scheduling a stressful holiday for yourself. From there, take the time to decide how you are going to use this special day to make life better for the people around you who have not been as fortunate this year. Dedicating your energies to improving the Thanksgiving experience for others, instead of worrying about preparing the same mass quantities of food as always will make for a much more satisfying holiday.

Coco Meyer
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