chic lighting alternatives for your wedding

One of our favorite things about the wedding is the ambience created by the flowers, selection of colors, and lighting.  Few people pay attention to the lighting elements of a wedding’s décor, but they can be one of the most powerful ways to bring a special lilt to the entire occasion.  The most common ways to light up a room is, of course, candles.  However, candles can become quite messy and, if the wedding is held outdoors, you risk the wind blowing them out.

Neoz Square Cordless Table Lamp for Weddings and Events

Neoz Square Cordless Table Lamp

A chic alternative to candles for a wedding is portable table lamps.  Portable table lamps come in a variety of colors and styles to perfectly match your theme.  White frosted glass with clean lines spans every theme and can let your flowers, colors, and other decorations take center stage.  If you want a little more color and a little more shape, egg lamps in a bright, happy color can either complement or perfectly match your wedding colors.  We personally love the contrast of, say, a lavender wedding with dots of saffron lights dotted about or red egg lamps amidst a sea of chartreuse centerpieces and accents.

Neoz Egg Cordless Portable Table Lamp for Weddings and Events

Portable Lamps Like This Egg Lamp Add a Special Touch to Your Wedding

Your guests will truly appreciate the soft light that these lamps emit, too, without the flicker and glare of a candle as well as the ability to adjust the amount of light.  They add just the right ambient glow for those party pictures!

The beauty in having these lamps, too, is their versatility.  Once the festivities are over, use them to light up upcoming parties, gift them to your wedding party (with a note that says “Thanks for brightening up our special day!”), or use them around the house.  Depending on the battery option you choose, light can last from 130 hours to 260 hours, giving you days and days of light without having to charge the lamp and the ability to move your little lamp around the house wherever and whenever you like.

At, we have chosen a few styles that will look great for any theme, from casual to formal, indoor to outdoors then back at the homestead for everyday living. 

Neoz Round Cordless Portable Table Lamp for Weddings and Events
Choose from Different Shapes and Colors to Match Your Decor and Taste


The Neoz Gem Square Cordless Table Lamp is a modern version with clean, straight edges and light.  Choose from Opal, Ruby, Sapphire or Amber.

The Neoz Gem Round Cordless Table Lamp simulates a large round candle without all the mess.  They also come in Opal, Ruby, Sapphire or Amber.

The Neoz Medusa Cordless Ambient Table Lamp is one of those perfect investments that is just right at the head table then back outside on the patio for a romantic dinner as newlyweds.

- To add a little more texture, opt for the Neoz Egg Fritted Cordless Table Lamp.  “Fritted” simply denotes the beautiful design that remains on the surface from uneven shapes of glass coming together smoothly.  Color options include Saffron, Red, Aqua and Opal 

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