Teak Or Cedar - Which Wood Is Preferable For Outdoor Furniture

Teak Or Cedar - Which Wood Is Preferable For Outdoor Furniture

Two Proven Outdoor Timbers - Your Choice to Make

Teak and Cedar are undoubtedly the two most popular choices for outdoor furniture as compared to Wicker, plastics, rattan and other materials for obvious reasons. Your choice of wood would depend largely on a number of factors that I feel are important in defining one's choice and ultimately, your personal preference.       

   Teak wood planks    Cedar wood plank                          Teak Wood                                          Cedar Wood

Look and Appeal:

The look and appeal of furniture are probably the most important factor anyone will consider when making a choice as furniture design can help define a whole lot with its look and appeal. Cedar woods have a nice and subtle natural appearance accenting your outdoor furniture space light brown, soft red, and gray tones. Outdoor furniture will less likely be used very carefully and conservatively, which makes cedar a good

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How to Care For Teak Wood Furniture

How to Care For Teak Wood Furniture


Getting a furniture made of teak wood is not very cheap. Teak wood is very strong, resistant and durable. Before making a teak wood furniture purchase, it is important to know how to clean and maintain them.

 There are two types of teak wood furniture. Which are the teak oiled and fine sanded teak? Though they are the same type of wood, they are both different in their finishing.

 This form of teak furniture usually looks darker than the finely sanded one because of the oil used to finish it's crafting. Though teak wood naturally has a bit of oil, getting an oiled teak piece of furniture helps prevent spills from permanently staining the wooden grain.

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versatile teak wood storage options for the outdoors

Having storage outside is a great help, especially when you have a lot of outdoor items that you’d rather not take inside the house, have take up space in the already-cramped garage or simply splayed about your backyard or patio.  And if you think your only alternative is ugly plastic bins, think again!  You can enjoy the same aesthetic and practical benefits from teak for your outside storage options that you enjoy from your teak furniture.

Camrose Teak Storage Box - TeakwoodCentral

Camrose Teak Storage Box

In case you didn’t already know, teak wood is one of the best, if not the best, options for outdoor furniture.   The natural oils in the wood give it a natural barrier from the drying effects of the sun, mold, mildew and general wood rot.  As the years roll on, teak remains strong and beautiful, changing from a warm honey tone to a more silvery gray.  All of this means virtually no maintenance year to year and more time for you to enjoy your outdoor furniture.

Del Amo Teak Storing Bench - TeakwoodCentral

Del Amo Teak Wood Storing Bench

Teak storage pieces not only give you all of these benefits but so much more.  Instead of boring boxes that don’t match your furniture or make your outdoor living space look “cheap”, opt for beautiful teak that will also last for years and years.  In addition, most teak furniture comes in sleek, simple lines that complement any décor or setting.

What can you store?  Use your new teak storage pieces to collect all of your outdoor toys, chair cushions when not in use, your barbecue accoutrement, gardening tools, towels and pool supplies (just make sure they’re fully dry before storing them).  You can also use the top as a table, beautifully displaying flowers, cordless lamps, or a midday or midnight snack and tea.

Our favorite picks for teak storage furniture:

Anderson Del Amo Storing Teak Garden Bench – It’s a teak bench, it’s teak storage…it’s both! Made from A Grade plantation teak wood, this will be an investment for your home that will enhance your porch or back patio beautifully.

Safari Occasional Rattan and Teak Table by Anderson Collections - A cute and convenient little companion for your outdoor space with lots of space within for all your outdoor needs.  Sturdy enough to withstand the elements and for everyday use as a side table.

Camrose Teak Storage Box - Indoor or outdoor, this trunk has the room to store everything from kids toys to your weekly recycling.  Doubles as an amazing coffee table for your teak chair set. Also comes in a smaller version for more compact spaces.

Safari Teak Occasional Table - TeakwoodCentral

Safari Teak Wood Occasional Table

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the versatile teak side table

Entertaining is part of the joy of having a beautiful patio and backyard.  Whether you host a full-on outside dinner party or just want to have a nice visit with an old friend over tea, you’ll need a piece of outdoor furniture that works well in most any setting, year-round.  Enter the versatile Windsor teak side table from Anderson Teak.  It’s probably going to be your soiree sidekick every season and your favorite piece to use no matter the occasion.

teak tables patio furniture anderson teak

Size is always an issue when it comes to deciding on the perfect outdoor patio table.  Sometimes you end up with little tables here, big tables there, and often times in a style whirlwind!  This table’s dimensions allow it to fit snuggly between two chairs, spaciously off to the side during dinner and perfectly against a wall as a backyard workspace.

teak chairs barstool

And with six square feet of space to work with, this teak table has all the room you need for any activity.  Instead of having to bring out two tables, you have room to display a beautiful piece of art or a bowl of fragrant flowers while arranging servings or using the table as a buffet. Barbecue masters can make great use of the table’s long top by organizing and cutting an array of marinated meats side by side. And if you are an avid gardener, all your pots and supplies will rest handsomely together while you exercise your green thumb.

One comment that everyone has about teak furniture, especially the Anderson line, is their clean, sleek lines.  The Windsor side table continues that theme with wide slats and long elegant legs. The wooden cross bar gives it stability while giving a little bit more architectural appeal. So don’t be afraid to bring it indoors!  The light finish works with any décor and works amazingly well as a bar table or a breakfast corner in the kitchen.  All you need are a couple of matching teak bar chairs, and your charming little nook is set!  You won’t believe how many uses you will have for this seemingly simple but fabulous table.

Caring for Your Teak Furniture

Teak furniture is super low maintenance to care for, so active and frequent use is ok. In fact, teak wood typically weathers naturally under the elements but evens out beautifully to a uniform silver-gray color.  If you intend to use your teak furniture mostly outside, we recommend leaving it as is to gray naturally (this doesn’t harm the integrity of the wood) and only teak oil as an option if you intend to keep the furniture indoors.

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hosting your next backyard get-together

Now that the weather has finally given us a chance to enjoy the great outdoors, it’s time to think about hosting your first backyard party of the season!  Every host or hostess knows that it takes careful planning and lots of paying attention to details to make everything appear seamless.  Before you start planning your lunch or dinner menu, make sure you have all the right furniture pieces in place! 

The right base of furniture anchors any party you give, so it's important to invest in something that you know will withstand time and weather for years and years (and your style changes!). Teak furniture is probably your best bet for outdoor entertaining because of the wood’s quality.  As the pieces are exposed to the elements, the wood begins to weather to a beautiful shade of silvery-gray and continues to maintain its integrity, year after year.  So you don’t have to worry about cleaning it constantly, oiling it or refinishing it every summer. 

teak outdoor dining set anderson teak valencia


First things first: your dining table and chairs.  Depending on how big or small your parties tend to be or the particular space you have to work with, you’ll want to decide on just the right shape and size of table.  We love round tables for the community feeling it gives and the facilitation of easier conversation.  Banquet styles, however, always work best in a narrow area and always look festive.   

The best of both worlds come together with our Anderson 15-piece Valencia Double Extension Teak Dining Set. Yes, FIFTEEN pieces and DOUBLE extension!  Seat anywhere from six people to fourteen people comfortably, and you’ll never be at a loss to figure out space.  With one table (with two extensions), two folding teak armchairs, and twelve classic folding teak chairs, it’s like getting a dinner party all in one set!  (We also offer a smaller, 11-set version!)  Add some color and extra comfort with 46 different color and print options of all-weather cushions

cordless table lamp neoz owlcordless table lamp neoz icecordless table lamp neoz egg






What dinner party would be complete without a little extra ambience? You can add a beautiful glow to your table with a cordless table lamp.  The sleek, shaded owl; the classic ice square; or the delightfully whimsical egg are just some of the great options we offer, depending on your style or if you desire color.  Just place three to five of them along the middle of your table, and you’re party will jump a few notches up the style scale in seconds. The lamps give off the perfect light (they have two settings or a candlelight effect) and eliminate the worry with candles melting on the table or going out with a breeze.



For an extra special touch and for cooler nights, add a fire dome and bowl on either side of the table.  Your guests will appreciate the extra warmth, and the glow of the protected fire will give an exciting and festive touch to your get-together!

By choosing flexibility in your furniture and bringing in a few simple but exciting accents that can be used in different ways, any party you give outdoors will be more enjoyable and memorable for you and your guests.

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