the versatile teak side table

Entertaining is part of the joy of having a beautiful patio and backyard.  Whether you host a full-on outside dinner party or just want to have a nice visit with an old friend over tea, you’ll need a piece of outdoor furniture that works well in most any setting, year-round.  Enter the versatile Windsor teak side table from Anderson Teak.  It’s probably going to be your soiree sidekick every season and your favorite piece to use no matter the occasion.

teak tables patio furniture anderson teak

Size is always an issue when it comes to deciding on the perfect outdoor patio table.  Sometimes you end up with little tables here, big tables there, and often times in a style whirlwind!  This table’s dimensions allow it to fit snuggly between two chairs, spaciously off to the side during dinner and perfectly against a wall as a backyard workspace.

teak chairs barstool

And with six square feet of space to work with, this teak table has all the room you need for any activity.  Instead of having to bring out two tables, you have room to display a beautiful piece of art or a bowl of fragrant flowers while arranging servings or using the table as a buffet. Barbecue masters can make great use of the table’s long top by organizing and cutting an array of marinated meats side by side. And if you are an avid gardener, all your pots and supplies will rest handsomely together while you exercise your green thumb.

One comment that everyone has about teak furniture, especially the Anderson line, is their clean, sleek lines.  The Windsor side table continues that theme with wide slats and long elegant legs. The wooden cross bar gives it stability while giving a little bit more architectural appeal. So don’t be afraid to bring it indoors!  The light finish works with any décor and works amazingly well as a bar table or a breakfast corner in the kitchen.  All you need are a couple of matching teak bar chairs, and your charming little nook is set!  You won’t believe how many uses you will have for this seemingly simple but fabulous table.

Caring for Your Teak Furniture

Teak furniture is super low maintenance to care for, so active and frequent use is ok. In fact, teak wood typically weathers naturally under the elements but evens out beautifully to a uniform silver-gray color.  If you intend to use your teak furniture mostly outside, we recommend leaving it as is to gray naturally (this doesn’t harm the integrity of the wood) and only teak oil as an option if you intend to keep the furniture indoors.

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