teak folding chairs that look great indoors and outdoors

bristol teak folding chair teakwoodcentral
The Bristol teak folding chair is a great complement to any outdoor decor.


Whenever you have a gathering or party at your home or office, wouldn’t it be nice to have some foldable chairs on hand to provide more seating? Teak folding chairs are the perfect solution as they help you save space outdoors when you don’t need them, provide comfortable and beautiful seating when you do, last years and years and require little maintenance.  You can even easily bring them on camping trips or to the beach!

teak and alloy folding chair teakwoodcentral
Teak and alloy folding chairs make a cool, modern statement


One of the strongest woods in the world, teak provides durability and lasting good looks - that's why teak furniture has enjoyed a surge in popularity in the past couple of decades for both indoor and outdoor use. You can use your teak folding chairs year after year and never worry that they will mold, stain or become brittle.  The secret is in the natural oils inherent in teak.  Maintenance only requires that you wipe down the chairs with a damp cloth ever so often.  Without even special oils, teak ages gracefully and beautifully from a warm honey color to a stately silvery-gray. 

teak folding chairs teakwoodcentral
Teak folding chairs come in a variety of styles and with or without arms.


The good news about teak is that it comes in a variety of styles. The size of the wood, the orientation of the wood and, of course, the silhouette of the chair all provide subtle differences that change the look to match a number of decors. Traditional looks, like the Classic Folding Chair feature clean lines and well-spaced vertical slats to match any occasion. Some of these looks are perfect for weddings and outdoor parties. More comfortable designs provide an ergonomic back that will allow guests to enjoy being seated for long periods of time.  The Comfort Folding Teak Chair Set of 2 (CHF-301), which comes in sets of two, are a gorgeous, sleek folding chair with its graceful lines and wide, close slats. A very popular style is a variation on the classic with larger-spaced and horizontal slats, giving it almost a retro-modern feel, such as the Andrew Folding Teak Chair.

For ultimate backyard or patio comfort when just lounging around, teak folding chairs also come in a variety of armed chair options. If you would like to go ultra-modern, opt for a teak and alloy folding chair from the Mezzo Collection

You will always find an occasion where you will need a great folding chair, so why not get the best you can find?  We offer a variety of styles and silhouettes to suit your home décor. Where else have you found your folding chairs to have been super useful? Drop us a line and post your photo on our Facebook page

For Hotels, Event Planners and Venue Rental Companies

If you have your own event company or venue rental, it’s important to make sure you provide your guests and clients with items that make their occasion special without breaking the bank.  Teak folding chairs make a great investment for such times as they last forever and “age gracefully.”  Imagine over the years engaging in little to no maintenance whether you place them indoors or outdoors!

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