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The Perfect Outdoor Living Space by Teakwood Central


Your backyard, patio or pool area is the outdoor sanctuary of your home and should reflect a relaxing, comfortable and beautiful ambience that you and your guests can enjoy any time of year.  To create your perfect outdoor space, we’ve put together some ideas that we hope you’ll find useful when planning your virtual escape. To find any of the pieces in the image above and more, visit or drop us a line if you need more ideas or assistance.

Ways to Gather Together

1. First and foremost, you need a cozy place to come together. Whether you intend to use your backyard for simple chats outside, lazy lounging by the pool, outdoor dining or all three, you’ll want to have functional settings that show off your style and fit your space.  For small spaces, teak bistro table and chair sets are a fabulous option.  If you are a party maven who loves to host meals and can accommodate the room in your backyard or on your patio, try a versatile, expandable teak dining set that can make room for six to 14 people.  And finally, if you’d like a combination of both, deep-seated armchairs with a square or round coffee tableshould do the trick.

A Place to Relax

If you just need to be by yourself or need something to enhance the relaxation in your outdoor space, you have lots of options. A teak sun lounger with adjustable heights can let you unwind after a long day by the pool or in a beautiful spot next to your garden. Some sun loungers also come with double chairs to share a quiet moment with someone you love.  Rocking chairs are picking up in popularity of late and, in fresh, strong teak wood, are ideal for patios or porches. A simple teak bench can also be a good place to soak in the sun or to get away from it all. Place it in your garden or in an open space with a good view for maximum alone time. Finally, a teak glider lets you sit comfortably anywhere outdoors without the installation hassle.

A Place to Put Your “Stuff”

Don’t forget the beauty that storage pieces can bring to your outdoor space!  Teak storage boxes are perfect for storing garden equipment, spare cushions, pool accessories, barbecue equipment and more.  The strength and weather-resistant quality of natural teak wood will ensure your items are protected and that you can keep your storage pieces beautifully and for years to come. Teak carts, for the same reason, are great mobile options and can also help you serve guests easily. A little known garden tool is the garden hose pot.  Instead of having to roll up your garden hose into a messy, wet pile, store it beautifully in a stylish garden hose pot and enhance your garden area when not in use.

Outdoor Heating Solution

When the weather cools down, you still want to enjoy your outdoor living space. Outdoor heating lamps that not only warm your patio space but also look gorgeous are easy to have installed on the ceiling of any outdoor area.  For a more fun and “interactive” option, try an iron fire pit.  Fire pits are safe heating options for your backyard, deck or pool area and come in a variety of beautiful styles and shapes.  Mesh lids add another decorative and practical element to concentrate the heat. You can also fill outdoor fireplaces or your own fire bowls with colorful fire glass stones or beads.  These beautiful and long-lasting pieces of specially fired glass create a clean-burning option for both indoors and outdoors, are reusable and create incredible light in an array of colors depending on which hue you choose.  You can also mix and match the colors and choose from rounded beads or safe-to-handle glass stones.

Stylish Lighting Concepts

When you need extra light, go the extra mile and find ones that suit your style and need. Australian design house Neoz offers a number of beautiful shapes and colors in its weather-proof, rechargeable portable table lamps that you can use to decorate table tops, place next to the grill for nighttime cooking or by the pool for adjustable, ambient light all over your backyard or patio. LED lighting is an all-weather solution for outdoor gatherings and pool areas. In fact, you can choose from a variety of shapes to actually put in your pool, creating a solid glow of colorful light in the water or a moving light show of more than 160,000 colors. You will also need full lighting in and around your patio, garden or pool area.  Modern-shaped lighting to line your grassy areas or walking paths not only look amazing but guide you and your family to and through areas all around your backyard.  Walls and ceiling lightsalso don’t have to be boring. You can choose from round, spiked, globular, recessed or canned lights to showcase your individual style.

Fun Décor

After all the practical items are taken care of for your outdoor space, it’s time to turn to décor! This is where you infuse the most personal expression of your taste. Bird feeders invite your feathered friends to enjoy your yard while providing a beautiful and harmonious element for you and your family to marvel at. You can choose from a number of shapes that complement your existing patio and backyard furniture. Weather vanes atop your garage, patio roof, on a fence, or on your shed bring some fun movement to the outdoors.  You can even have some fun observing which way the wind is blowing!  Cupolas are a unique option, too, for creating a stately piece atop any roof on and around your home.

These are just a few of the essentials we think every backyard needs to make it a more enjoyable, beautiful and comfortable space for you, your family and friends.  Check out the variety of furniture, lighting and accessories we sell at to put together YOUR ideal outdoor space.

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