drive over and walk over light tips

Artemide LineaLED Drive-Over Lights at Teakwood Central


Artemide Linealed Drive-Over Lights bring elegance to any home.


The easiest way to bring instant elegance to your driveway or outside walkway areas is to install drive-over or walk-over lights.  Recessed lights that you can install in your concrete or brick ground areas not only make driving up and walking around your house more safe, it adds a sophisticated level of beauty that regular floodlights just don’t have.

When thinking about installing drive-over lights, it’s important to be conscientious about where you place them.  Many people make the mistake of installing their lights too close together, for example, creating an area that is too bright to be aesthetically pleasing.  It’s possible, too, to place lights too far apart from each other.  By doing this, key areas of your outside areas may not receive adequate light that will be effective enough to highlight doorways and driveway edges and to safely guide people.

Take a walk around the house when it is not lit and when it is lit at night. Note areas that you would like to highlight and areas that give you trouble when approaching your home.  Mark areas on a sketch of your home to determine how many lights you will need and where.  Understanding the intensity of the kind of lights you choose is important, too.  Many drive-over lights give off enough luminescence to light an area without directly hitting or being underneath a target area.  

So which areas should you consider bringing this beautiful lighting idea to? 

The Front Door

Artemide Orcamo walk-over lights at Teakwood Central
Round or square Artemide Orcamo lights like these look fabulous on steps or on walkways leading up to your front door.


The front door is a great start.  If you have stairs, installing walk-over lights every few steps can help guide people safely from the drive or sidewalk to your home.  Artemide’s Orcamo series of walk-over lights come in square or round shapes to fit the style of your home. The gorgeous black, silkscreened glass lays flush with your surface and illuminates with eco-friendly, long-lasting LED lights with beautiful dot-like patterns. Installation is easy with the help of a professional, but each kit comes with all the pieces you need to ensure safe, simple installation in any concrete or brick setting.

The Driveway

Artemide Drive-Over light at Teakwood Central
This driveway is a great example of spacing drive-over lights effectively on a driveway.
Artemide drive-over lights at Teakwood Central


Artemide's Square Drive-Over Lights come in three sizes to fit any size driveway and to create different lighting concepts.

The driveway, of course, is the second area to consider. Artemide has a drive-over version of its square Orcamo series called Naiadethat comes in several sizes. The black silkscreened tempered glass gives each light an elegant look to your drive that fits any style home. You can choose from three different light intensities to match the size of your driveway and the amount of light you would like to have. Place lights strategically and uniformly on your drive without creating an obnoxious runway look.  You don’t need a ton of lights on the driveway as your car’s headlight beams and the front of your home will provide good lighting as you approach, however, marking the edges of the driveway a foot away from the edge and spaced five or six feet apart can help define the drive, especially when backing out at night on curved driveways.

The Front of Your Home or Garage

Artemide Linealed outdoor lighting at Teakwood Central
You can bring as much or as little beautiful light as you need to the front of your home with the Artemide Linealed long-length drive-over lights.


Finally, the front of your home or garage is a good place to place outdoor ligths. A couple of lineal lights, like Artemide’s high-performace Linealed LED lights, bring subtle attention to your structure without bringing obnoxious bright light out from the building or into a nearby window.  The long beam of light running the length of a few feet from the ground up does the job just as well as a giant floodlight that bursts with beams from the top down without the obnoxious halo.  The LED bulbs that come with the kit last a long time, but when you’re ready to change them, they are easy to replace following the kit’s simple instructions.

Make sure you consult the help of a seasoned light installation professional before purchasing your drive-over or walk-over lights.  They will have the best knowledge of the size and intensity of lights you will need while also safely installing your lights wherever you need them.  With a combination of recessed, in-ground lights around your home, you can showcase your home beautifully, safely and economically for years to come.

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Pool Time! The Versatile Teak Pool and Shower Mat

Le Spa Rectangular Teak String Pool and Shower Mat - at


Now that summer is in full swing, pool and beach parties abound.  Every summer we buy the same pool mats and shower-area pieces only to find that they don’t last quite through a summer or two.  Because of the inherent integrity of teak wood, pool and shower mats made of this mold- and mildew-free wood will not only add a spa-like touch to your pool area or beach house but also give you a comfortable and long-lasting alternative to plastic and rubber mats.

Le Spa Teak Floor and Shower Mat - at


Next to the Pool

Don’t you just hate that uncomfortable feeling when you jump out of the pool and onto hot concrete or wood that’s been baking in the hot sun?  It’s an irony that any pool-lover deals with. You come out of the cool water, warm your feet on sun-soaked areas around the pool and then quickly realize your feet are on fire!  You can easily save your feet by creating a path of teak shower mats from the pool ladder to your patio that is splinter-free and will stay cool, even in 90-degree-plus weather.  Teak is known for not only its smooth quality but also its temperature-neutral attribute.  Plus, teak shower mats add some elegance to your pool area in its warm hue that lasts season after season. When the summer’s over, simply roll them up and store them away in a teak storage box with no maintenance.

Le Spa Teak Wood Shower and Floor Mat with Rounded Corners - at


Outside and Inside the Shower

Teak mats are also a great addition as you enter your outdoor shower.  You won’t have to clean the mat all summer long like you would other woods that potentially rot or collect dirt in its crevices easily.  No matter how many people step onto it and into the shower, the teak slats will maintain their beauty, smoothness and quality time after time.  It’s also a comfortable, clean-feeling alternative to rubber mats that (yuck) seem to show the wear of time in just a few months. Have one inside the shower, too, for a safe and clean way to rinse off over the shower drain.


Everywhere in the House and More

Wherever you have water, a teak shower mat will be a perfect companion - in front of the kitchen or bathroom sink; outside the tub or shower; in an RV, camper or boat. These teak shower mats prove to be a versatile addition to any area where slips and falls can happen easily. The beauty in traveling with these mats is that they rinse off and roll up for easy maintenance and storage on the go. They look great for spas and hotels, too, to give a zen feel to any guest area. As you use them, you’ll surely find more and more uses for them.

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the perfect outdoor living space

The Perfect Outdoor Living Space by Teakwood Central


Your backyard, patio or pool area is the outdoor sanctuary of your home and should reflect a relaxing, comfortable and beautiful ambience that you and your guests can enjoy any time of year.  To create your perfect outdoor space, we’ve put together some ideas that we hope you’ll find useful when planning your virtual escape. To find any of the pieces in the image above and more, visit or drop us a line if you need more ideas or assistance.

Ways to Gather Together

1. First and foremost, you need a cozy place to come together. Whether you intend to use your backyard for simple chats outside, lazy lounging by the pool, outdoor dining or all three, you’ll want to have functional settings that show off your style and fit your space.  For small spaces, teak bistro table and chair sets are a fabulous option.  If you are a party maven who loves to host meals and can accommodate the room in your backyard or on your patio, try a versatile, expandable teak dining set that can make room for six to 14 people.  And finally, if you’d like a combination of both, deep-seated armchairs with a square or round coffee tableshould do the trick.

A Place to Relax

If you just need to be by yourself or need something to enhance the relaxation in your outdoor space, you have lots of options. A teak sun lounger with adjustable heights can let you unwind after a long day by the pool or in a beautiful spot next to your garden. Some sun loungers also come with double chairs to share a quiet moment with someone you love.  Rocking chairs are picking up in popularity of late and, in fresh, strong teak wood, are ideal for patios or porches. A simple teak bench can also be a good place to soak in the sun or to get away from it all. Place it in your garden or in an open space with a good view for maximum alone time. Finally, a teak glider lets you sit comfortably anywhere outdoors without the installation hassle.

A Place to Put Your “Stuff”

Don’t forget the beauty that storage pieces can bring to your outdoor space!  Teak storage boxes are perfect for storing garden equipment, spare cushions, pool accessories, barbecue equipment and more.  The strength and weather-resistant quality of natural teak wood will ensure your items are protected and that you can keep your storage pieces beautifully and for years to come. Teak carts, for the same reason, are great mobile options and can also help you serve guests easily. A little known garden tool is the garden hose pot.  Instead of having to roll up your garden hose into a messy, wet pile, store it beautifully in a stylish garden hose pot and enhance your garden area when not in use.

Outdoor Heating Solution

When the weather cools down, you still want to enjoy your outdoor living space. Outdoor heating lamps that not only warm your patio space but also look gorgeous are easy to have installed on the ceiling of any outdoor area.  For a more fun and “interactive” option, try an iron fire pit.  Fire pits are safe heating options for your backyard, deck or pool area and come in a variety of beautiful styles and shapes.  Mesh lids add another decorative and practical element to concentrate the heat. You can also fill outdoor fireplaces or your own fire bowls with colorful fire glass stones or beads.  These beautiful and long-lasting pieces of specially fired glass create a clean-burning option for both indoors and outdoors, are reusable and create incredible light in an array of colors depending on which hue you choose.  You can also mix and match the colors and choose from rounded beads or safe-to-handle glass stones.

Stylish Lighting Concepts

When you need extra light, go the extra mile and find ones that suit your style and need. Australian design house Neoz offers a number of beautiful shapes and colors in its weather-proof, rechargeable portable table lamps that you can use to decorate table tops, place next to the grill for nighttime cooking or by the pool for adjustable, ambient light all over your backyard or patio. LED lighting is an all-weather solution for outdoor gatherings and pool areas. In fact, you can choose from a variety of shapes to actually put in your pool, creating a solid glow of colorful light in the water or a moving light show of more than 160,000 colors. You will also need full lighting in and around your patio, garden or pool area.  Modern-shaped lighting to line your grassy areas or walking paths not only look amazing but guide you and your family to and through areas all around your backyard.  Walls and ceiling lightsalso don’t have to be boring. You can choose from round, spiked, globular, recessed or canned lights to showcase your individual style.

Fun Décor

After all the practical items are taken care of for your outdoor space, it’s time to turn to décor! This is where you infuse the most personal expression of your taste. Bird feeders invite your feathered friends to enjoy your yard while providing a beautiful and harmonious element for you and your family to marvel at. You can choose from a number of shapes that complement your existing patio and backyard furniture. Weather vanes atop your garage, patio roof, on a fence, or on your shed bring some fun movement to the outdoors.  You can even have some fun observing which way the wind is blowing!  Cupolas are a unique option, too, for creating a stately piece atop any roof on and around your home.

These are just a few of the essentials we think every backyard needs to make it a more enjoyable, beautiful and comfortable space for you, your family and friends.  Check out the variety of furniture, lighting and accessories we sell at to put together YOUR ideal outdoor space.

For more tips, ideas and facts about outdoor living and spaces:

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how to light up your next pool party

LED All-Weather Light at Teakwood Central
LED all-weather lights, like the Globes by Infinita above, create a unique light show in your backyard.


Food, check.  Drinks, check. Guest list, check.  Cool pool lighting… Having a little trouble with this one?  When you throw a pool party, it can be fun to add a little summertime ambience with lights.  But sometimes those cute Christmas lights that you had to dig out, test and hang are just not enough.  You can go to a pool store and find one of those floating pool lights, but they don't always work as promised.    If you want to really make your pool party something to remember, bring on the big guns with all-weather LED lighting concepts!

LED All-Weather Light at Teakwood Central
LED all-weather lights like the Dew by Infinita look just as great indoors as they do outdoors


If you want something that actually works and looks less like a version of the game Simon, try a cordless all-weather LED light.  In a variety of shapes and with surfaces that emit light in all directions, you can create your very own light show in your pool and backyard.

LED All-Weather Light at Teakwood Central
The Zen by Infinita is a unique shape that adds something special to your outdoor area.


Each LED all-weather light we carry is not only beautiful but also durable. Made of strong polyethylene (that’s just a fancy word for synthetic resin), these lights are long-lasting, waterproof and look simply elegant.  When fully charged, the battery stays strong for six hours (up to 80,000 total hours over the light's lifetime), so your all-weather light will be guaranteed to last through any season, year after year. They will probably be one of the best investments you can make for your home as you can use them outdoors as well as indoors wherever you need portable soft or hard light with a colorful twitst.

LED All-Weather Light at Teakwood Central
Durable and light, these lights add whimsy and wonder to any outdoor escape.


The best part is choosing from a variety of light shapes and color settings.  At Teakwood Central, we carry several styles to suit your personal taste.  Or you can collect three or more different shapes to create a unique effect.  In addition, choose from one color or let the lights cycle through up to 160,000 colors!  The Flat Ball, one of our more popular LED all-weather lights is about 14 inches in diameter and is perfect in the pool or on a table. The Globe is another timeless shape that looks amazing floating in the water.  Imagine three or four of these floating around in different colors that you easily set with a button or remote control wherver you are outside! The Dew and the Zen are super fun shapes that add extra texture and interest to your outdoor space or pool area with their unique contours. And finally, the 14-inch Cube, which looks like an amazing large block of ice, can easily hold drinks while you lounge in the water and soak in the changing stream of colors.  

LED All-Weather Light at Teakwood Central
The Cube by Infinita is both fashionable and functional, day or night.

You can order any of these LED all-weather lights at to complement your teak patio furniture.   Show us how you use your LED all-weather light!

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literally light up your wine with the sofresh cooler

, 2014
SoFresh Light Up Wine Bottle Cooler at Teakwood Central
The SoFresh Bottle Cooler Available at


When you have to throw a party outdoors, what’s one of the first things you always take care of?  Ice! One of the first tenants of party-planning when it’s warm is to make sure you keep your wine, champagne and other bottles of refreshments cold. 

SoFresh Light Up Wine Bottle Cooler at Teakwood Central
The most versatile and practical bottle cooler you'll ever need.

What's the second thing you need to make sure you do?  Have a good source of light.  So what if you could take care of the ice andbrighten up your get-together?  We have the answer in the SoFresh Bottle Cooler at  Perfect for outdoors and indoors, this cooler will definitely be the center of attention (besides you, of course) the minute everyone lays eyes on it.

SoFresh Light Up Wine Bottle Cooler at Teakwood Central
So easy to control the colors with the push of a button.


So let’s talk about how practical this bottle cooler is. The SoFresh Bottle Cooler is, first of all, effective. Its polyethylene, which is simply a synthetic resin, is the secret behind keeping your ice and bottles cold for hours.  That means the cooler is also waterproof and unbreakable, perfect for those inevitable moments when someone’s having a little too much fun. The battery lasts for six hours charged, and the cooler itself is good to go for a lifetime – up to 80,000 hours of total use!

SoFresh Light Up Wine Bottle Cooler at Teakwood Central
Red is just one of tons of colors to choose from.


Now for the fun part – the lighting behind this amazing cooler! The reason why it’s so perfect for an indoor and especially an outdoor party is the LED lighting behind it. You have so many options when it comes to this cooler, you’ll want to play around with it until you capture just the right mood for your party. Program the lights to give off a soft or hard glow and choose from a few distinct colors to match your theme.  Can’t choose a color? Then you can just let the cooler run through the – are you ready for this – 160,000 colors in its system. To apply your setting, just press the buttons on the bottom of the cooler or use a remote control (so you can do this from the pool, of course, or by the grill), which is sold separately.

SoFresh Light Up Wine Bottle Cooler at Teakwood Central
Let us know if you'd like to order the remote control, which comes separately.


At just six pounds, this cooler will be a standard part of every party at your home, hotel or club. Even if it starts to rain, you can count on the SoFresh Bottle Cooler to literally and figuratively keeps its cool and to add something cool to all your shindigs.


You can order your SoFresh Bottle Cooler at to complement your teak party furniture.   

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East Coast Style with Adirondack Chairs

Teak Adirondack chair at Teakwood Central
Teak Adirondack Chair with Footrest - Available at


Nothing in your backyard can bring you to the East Coast faster than an Adirondack chair.  Popular at summer cottages on Martha’s Vineyard and the Hamptons, these are the kind of chairs that bring fashion and function together beautifully.


Adirondack Mountains Map - Teakwood Central


The first Adirondack chair was actually designed by Thomas Lee in the Adirondack Mountains at the turn of the last century – hence the name Adirondack.  Calling them Westport Chairs for the town where he devised this design one summer, Thomas settled on a flat, multi-plank design and a relaxed back for extra comfort. In fact, his family had the final say on the design after testing several out. [source]

Since then, the Adirondack chair has gone through several modifications in style, color and type of wood while still maintaining its ergonomic shape.  At Teakwood Central, we carry our own take from Anderson Collections.  In addition to the standard wide-planked back with appealing rounded ends, low flat armrests and deep-curved seat, our Adirondack has a foot rest to double your comfort!

Many people observe that, over the years, outdoor chairs like these, especially in moist or beachy climates, tend to show weathering and require a lot of maintenance.  By using teak wood, however, you can ensure that your Adirondack chair is going to last for many years and generations.  Due to teak’s resilient nature and natural oils, it will resist drying out, pests, moisture, mold and mildew.  You’ll notice that the chair will change over time from its natural warm color to a silvery-gray but will never lose its integrity or beauty. 

So pull up an Adirondack chair wherever you relax outdoors and literally sit back and relax!

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the coolest giant-sized outdoor lamp

Why enjoy the sun or pool alone when you can enjoy it side by side with a loved one? Instead of separating people, teak double loungers help you get closer and allow you to enjoy them immediately and for long periods without getting extremely hot as plastic loungers and other materials do in the hot summer sun.

Enjoy 10% off all double and single loungers on with checkout code "GET10NOW!" today through July 8, 2014.
Brianna Teak Double Lounger at Teakwood Central
Brianna Double Teak Lounger


What's fabulous about teak wood sun loungers is inherent in teak's unique composition. In its most natural state, this wood keeps its integrity and ages beautifully without any special oil treatment. Through sun, rain, wind and pool water, sun loungers made of teak won't rot like other woods nor collect pesky mold and mildew.

You can choose from a variety of double sun and pool loungers to match your own personal backyard style. Our best seller the Brianna Double Teak Sun Lounger is a classic in its own right. Each side can be adjusted separately into four different positions, including completely flat for the ultimate relaxed position. Rest your arms comfortably at your side or on the beautifully curved armrests.


Double Teak Lounger at Teakwood Central
Bel-Air Double Teak Lounger


The Bel-Air Teak Double Lounger gives you even more flexibility with the additional ability to chat face to face from opposite sides. With no armrests, you can have multiple people sitting and hanging out together on the Bel-Air. Keep your drink within reach with handy pull-out side trays on either side, too.


Which lounger is your favorite? Share your double sun lounger photos with us on Facebook and keep up with the latest sales events, new product additions, tips, fun facts and more from Teakwood Central!

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spend quality time together in teak double loungers

Why enjoy the sun or pool alone when you can enjoy it side by side with a loved one? Instead of separating people, teak double loungers help you get closer and allow you to enjoy them immediately and for long periods without getting extremely hot as plastic loungers and other materials do in the hot summer sun.

Brianna Teak Double Lounger at Teakwood Central
Brianna Double Teak Lounger


What's fabulous about teak wood sun loungers is inherent in teak's unique composition. In its most natural state, this wood keeps its integrity and ages beautifully without any special oil treatment. Through sun, rain, wind and pool water, sun loungers made of teak won't rot like other woods nor collect pesky mold and mildew.

You can choose from a variety of double sun and pool loungers to match your own personal backyard style. Our best seller the Brianna Double Teak Sun Lounger is a classic in its own right. Each side can be adjusted separately into four different positions, including completely flat for the ultimate relaxed position. Rest your arms comfortably at your side or on the beautifully curved armrests.


Double Teak Lounger at Teakwood Central
Bel-Air Double Teak Lounger


The Bel-Air Teak Double Lounger gives you even more flexibility with the additional ability to chat face to face from opposite sides. With no armrests, you can have multiple people sitting and hanging out together on the Bel-Air. Keep your drink within reach with handy pull-out side trays on either side, too.


Which lounger is your favorite? Share your double sun lounger photos with us on Facebook and keep up with the latest sales events, new product additions, tips, fun facts and more from Teakwood Central!

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teak folding chairs that look great indoors and outdoors

bristol teak folding chair teakwoodcentral
The Bristol teak folding chair is a great complement to any outdoor decor.


Whenever you have a gathering or party at your home or office, wouldn’t it be nice to have some foldable chairs on hand to provide more seating? Teak folding chairs are the perfect solution as they help you save space outdoors when you don’t need them, provide comfortable and beautiful seating when you do, last years and years and require little maintenance.  You can even easily bring them on camping trips or to the beach!

teak and alloy folding chair teakwoodcentral
Teak and alloy folding chairs make a cool, modern statement


One of the strongest woods in the world, teak provides durability and lasting good looks - that's why teak furniture has enjoyed a surge in popularity in the past couple of decades for both indoor and outdoor use. You can use your teak folding chairs year after year and never worry that they will mold, stain or become brittle.  The secret is in the natural oils inherent in teak.  Maintenance only requires that you wipe down the chairs with a damp cloth ever so often.  Without even special oils, teak ages gracefully and beautifully from a warm honey color to a stately silvery-gray. 

teak folding chairs teakwoodcentral
Teak folding chairs come in a variety of styles and with or without arms.


The good news about teak is that it comes in a variety of styles. The size of the wood, the orientation of the wood and, of course, the silhouette of the chair all provide subtle differences that change the look to match a number of decors. Traditional looks, like the Classic Folding Chair feature clean lines and well-spaced vertical slats to match any occasion. Some of these looks are perfect for weddings and outdoor parties. More comfortable designs provide an ergonomic back that will allow guests to enjoy being seated for long periods of time.  The Comfort Folding Teak Chair Set of 2 (CHF-301), which comes in sets of two, are a gorgeous, sleek folding chair with its graceful lines and wide, close slats. A very popular style is a variation on the classic with larger-spaced and horizontal slats, giving it almost a retro-modern feel, such as the Andrew Folding Teak Chair.

For ultimate backyard or patio comfort when just lounging around, teak folding chairs also come in a variety of armed chair options. If you would like to go ultra-modern, opt for a teak and alloy folding chair from the Mezzo Collection

You will always find an occasion where you will need a great folding chair, so why not get the best you can find?  We offer a variety of styles and silhouettes to suit your home décor. Where else have you found your folding chairs to have been super useful? Drop us a line and post your photo on our Facebook page

For Hotels, Event Planners and Venue Rental Companies

If you have your own event company or venue rental, it’s important to make sure you provide your guests and clients with items that make their occasion special without breaking the bank.  Teak folding chairs make a great investment for such times as they last forever and “age gracefully.”  Imagine over the years engaging in little to no maintenance whether you place them indoors or outdoors!

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Do-It-Yourself Teak Tile Flooring

le click teak tile flooring by pool teakwoodcentral
Imagine having this flooring outdoors - and doing it yourself!


Have you always dreamed of doing something unique, durable and different with your patio or deck flooring?  It’s so refreshing to have a new, clean floor that enhances your backyard or outdoor space and makes it enjoyable to host guests.  However, the cost, hassle with contractors and the lack of a guarantee of quality are all major factors that can keep us from taking the plunge and making the change.

natural finish teak le click floor tile teakwoodcentral
Natural finish teak Le Click tile in the spiral pattern.


oiled teak le click tile floor teakwoodcentral
The oiled finish gives a darker hue that can be preserved with special teak oil.


Enter the Teak Le Click flooring system! When we first happened upon these tiles, we couldn’t believe how incredibly gorgeous yet easy-to-install they were. The name really does say it all. With this system, you have two types of locking mechanisms (pin-to-loop or pin-to-pin) that let the pieces connect with ease by locking them into place. You can even purchase sets with edges to give your space a good-looking and polished finish. 

teak le click tile floor deck teakwoodcentral
Yes, yes and yes! We love what you can do to a porch or outdoor deck like this with a simple 'click'.


Teak tile flooring is a great option for any place in the house or even for a business:

  • Balconies, decks, patios
  • Florida rooms
  • Roof tops, terraces
  • In- and outdoor pools
  • In- and outdoor showers
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchen
  • Closets
  • Home office
  • Cellars, wine room
  • Boats and yachts
  • Spa projects, beauty salons and studios
  • Furniture and interior design showrooms
  • Exhibition booth flooring system
zen do it yourself teak tile bathroom floor mat teakwoodcentral
A zen teak floor mat makes a great, easy-to-clean option in your bathroom.


Okay, sounds great, but is it really easy to install?  We all know we excitedly devote a weekend to a do-it-yourself project and many times end up leaving them on the side of the house or in the garage for another day (and preferably a day when you have more patience!).  The Le Click flooring system literally takes just three steps so you can start right away:

  1. Measure the surface area of your space and choose a style and finish for your floor.
  2. Clean the surface.
  3. Lay the tiles in one click.

If you ever need to replace a tile for some reason, you simply unclick it and click a new one into place.

Style-wise, you have a lot of options. You can choose from a natural finish (which, as we know from our previous post, will eventually age to a gorgeous yet just-as-durable silvery gray) or oiled, which preserves the warm teak color. You can also choose from a number of patterns like spiral, alternating or straight.  This is where you can get really creative and even mix and match or create your own design.

Now’s the time to get that vision of a more beautiful floor off the ground and to make it happen.  It’s so easy to put together, you can involve the whole family – and teach the kids how to measure and build something at the same time.

Where else could you possibly use the Teak Le Click flooring system?  Like our Facebook page and post your idea and pics to share with us!

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fire pits and beads: great alternative to wood and coal

fire pit with fire stones teakwoodcentral

Fire stones and fire beads make a great alternative to wood and coal.

So now that you have your fabulous fire pit, how do you get that gorgeous and warming fire roaring?  You can go the traditional route with logs and coal…or you can go a more elegant, long-lasting and cleaner route with fire stones and fire beads.

fire pit with colored fire stones by pool teakwoodcentral

Check out the vibrant color of this fire pit! Fire stones and fire beads can enhance any outdoor look with just a change in color.


Fire glass and beads radiate about three to four times more heat than logs or coal. Now here’s the science: the glass radiates the heat, provides a constant flow and more efficiently produces heat because its entire structure is involved.  (By the way, fire stones are simply cut pieces of glass while beads are smoothed down to look like pebbles.) 

fire beads for fire pits teakwoodcentral

Fire beads are rounder, smoother and more polished...


fire stones for fire pits teakwoodcentral

...while fire stones have more jagged (but safe!) edges.


So what are these miracle flame-makers?  Simply tempered glass that has been tumbled and polished to prevent sharp edges and to withstand extremely high temperatures so as not to melt, burn or discolor when used properly.  When burned continuously, fire stones and beads never create toxic fumes, smoke, ash and soot, which makes it even safer for your family and friends to gather around. 

It’s also a great investment, as you will never have to replace the glass.  It lasts forever and simply needs to be cleaned with detergent if a little build-up accrues from the elements. offers them in ten-pound bags, so you can be sure you will have just the right amount.  Any extra that does not go into your fire pit can also be used indoors in your fireplace!

half inch fire stones premium colors teakwoodcentral

Half-inch colors from our premium collection


Quarter-inch colors for fire stones fire pits teakwoodcentral

Quarter-inch colors from our premium collection


colored fire beads collection fire pit teakwoodcentral

Dazzling array of colors from our fire beads collection


You also can’t have a more elegant and beautiful option for your outdoor fire pit.  The glass reflects the light and creates a dancing-flame effect that makes your fire pit stand out even more and will dazzle your family and guests every time. In addition, they come in tons of fabulous colors that you can mix and match to fit your outdoor décor and furniture.   Many people like to produce unique themes with two colors to match an event or just to spice up their outdoor spaces a bit.

As with all fire products, make sure you read the instructions carefully on the package and then enjoy your fire stones and beads any time of year!

We'd love to see what you've done with your fire pits - like us on Facebook and share your photos or ideas with us!

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create a fabulous, personal escape with a gorgeous fire pit

Olympics Fire Pit Fire Pit Art Teakwoodcentral
Athletes at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Whistler, British Columbia, know the benefit of Fire Pit Art's themed and warming fire pits.  


One of the best ways to add warmth to your backyard, patio or, if you own a bar, restaurant or hotel with a relaxing outdoor lounge area, is with a beautiful yet functional fire pit.  Instead of digging a hole in the ground and burning logs (we have seen this done before!), a fire pit turns your outside areas into an inviting hangout where you can enjoy the night free of chill and bugs. 

Imagine your family and friends huddled around a fire pit during a cool summer night or roasting marshmallows for a camping staycation in the fall.  With a fire pit, you can do all this and more.  Fire Pit Art’s Asian-Inspired Fire Pits, for example, range in size from 36 inches to 72 inches depending on the size of your outdoor area, family size or typical get-togethers.  They all have the same close-to-the-earth design in a zen-like flat Asian bowl shape that allows the fire to be viewed from any seating height or angle.  This particular line is made to order by craftsman Rick Wittring from Tennessee, which means when your fire pit arrives at your home or business, you will receive a one-of-a-kind piece that Mr. Wittring created and numbered himself (that's him below)!

fire pit art rick wittring teakwood central


A concern for many people, especially parents, is safety. A spark guard or screen can help contain your fire will still allowing you to enjoy the beauty of the flames. They come in different sizes so you can be sure you find the right size that fits your fire pit. Many fire pits come with their own like the Good Directions Medium Fire Pit with a cool Mayan design. Or opt for a full-steel dome like the Starry Night Fire Dome from Good Directions with a cool cut-out star pattern.  And a bonus: It only enhances the look of your fire pit with an elegant black mesh screen or beautiful design. 

fire screen or screen guard teakwoodcentral
starry night dome fire pit cover teakwoodcentral
Safety is of utmost importance.  Your fire pit is great on its own but for extra assurance, purchase one with a fire screen, guard or dome or add your own. $89.99 - $179.99


Can you count on your fire pit to last?  Absolutely!  Fire pits come with a temperature-resistant coating and also a 1.5-inch diameter rain drain to keep it from collecting water. What’s more, the entire pit is made of ¼-inch thick mild carbon steel, making it extremely durable.  Leave it outside year-round, knowing that the outer iron oxide patina will make your fire pit maintenance-free.

bella vita fire pit teakwoodcentral
The Bella Vita is a striking stainless steel fire pit in a shiny, modern finish. $2,700


nepal style fire pit teakwoodcentral
This Nepalese-style fire pit looks like a giant clay pot that will enhance the look of your backyard or patio, lit or not. $1,090


funky dog fire pit art teakwoodcentral
A tribute to man's best friend, you'll love this Funky Dog fire pit. $790


fleur de lis fire pit art teakwoodcentral
For "Who Dat" style or a tribute to French royalty, enjoy a Fleur de Lis-patterned fire pit. $790


Now to one of our favorite parts – style!  Fire pits by virtue of their purpose make wonderful outdoor decorative pieces.  However, you can go a step further and find a fire pit that matches your personal style.  The Bella Vita by Fire Pit Art has a modern stainless steel look that complements more contemporary homes and looks clean and sophisticated.  You can go for a southwest vibe with the Kokopelli Fire Pit by Fire Pit Art, a Cajun/French look with the Fleur de Lis pattern or, for the dog lover, the Funky Dog complete with adorable cut-out paw prints.

No matter what shape, color or pattern you choose for your fire pit, you can be sure you will have a piece that kicks up your backyard, patio or outdoor lounge area a notch any time of day.

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