AFG - American Fireglass - Beautiul Colored Fire Stones

AFG offers a wide range of gas and fire products, both decorative and functional. All of their products are well-made, long-lasting, and they are made in the US.

Burners may be found in both stainless steel and copper, providing practicality and beauty, and may be found in a variety of prices to suit the customer. For those more interested in decoration, Our customers also like the accessories such as fire-safe beads and stones. The firestones come in a variety of amazing colors which will add a lot of visual interest to your fire pit or gas burner. The products include ECO glass beads and recycled fire stones in varying sizes and colors which lend the same beauty to your fire as the non-recycled options while being a little more environmentally friendly. Furthermore, we offer the Zircon firestones, which are extremely dense and solid, and the colorful fire-beads collection, which sparkle enticingly and offer a unique luster all their own due to their shape and complexity. On the other hand, for a more rustic look, and for fire pits, lava rocks are available to provide more natural shades and shapes. 

No matter what your needs, Teak Wood Central is delighted to supply you with elegant, high-quality American Fire Glass products for your fire pits and gas burners, all at excellent prices. 

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