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ECO Glass Beads for Burners & Fireplaces per 5 lbs |AFG-ECO-1


These Polished ECO Glass FireBeads for Fire Pits & Gas Fire Beds will glow and sparkle in your fireplace and amaze the spectators time and again. The flames dance above the approximately 1/2" uniformly shaped polished glass pebbles creating a unique look and ambiance in your home, patio or garden.

Fire Beads are similar to Fire Glass; they both produce a mesmerizing glow and vibrant dancing color but FireBeads are a bit different as they are not pieces of broken glass like fire glass, but they feature a uniform smooth, rounded shape which lets each piece sparkle in the flames.

The choice of so many different colors will fit any setting, mood and taste. You don't have to stick to one color. be creative and combine the colors of your surroundings or write the name of a loved one into the bead of a different color.
This is a great choice for all firestone enthusiast.

Ideal for restaurants, hotels and bars where a fireplace must be clean and easy to maintain.

The minimum order is 5 lbs

For orders of 10 lbs or more please click here.

***Color will darken under direct heat
Please make sure to select the corresponding color tab when ordering your stones.

Made in the USA

Lead time 5-7 days

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