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Zircon Fire Stones for Outdoor Burners and Fireplaces per 10lb |AFG-ZIR10J


Zircon fire stones for outdoor burners and fireplaces per 10lb

Zircon is a silicate mineral forming to a large extend the crust of the earth. Zircon is sometimes confused with Zirconia which is actually a chemical element. Cubic zirconia also used to create simulant diamonds.

Now we are able to offer you Zircon in the form of firestones in many lustrous colors which can be used to enhance the looks of fireplaces and burners.

The colors can be mixed and matched to your taste and there are endless ways to create your custom design by writing a name or arranging the stones into a flower, an animal or a symbol.

These stones are here offered in 10 lbs increments and can also be ordered in 1 lb increments right here

 Please make sure to select the corresponding color tab when ordering your stones.

 Made in the USA

Lead time 5-7 days

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