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Artemide | Tolomeo XXL Floor Outdoor Lighting |AM-TolomeoXXL

SKU: 1532055A

Tolomeo XXL floor outdoor lighting

Even if this colossal lamp seems to be too large to be real - it is - as this is the XXL Artemide Tolomeo Lamp for outdoors areas where it will make a great statement.

Light fixture with direct emission, with fluorescent sources
Available with base or fixed support (pivot) made up of mass-coloured concrete
Diffuser in mass-pigmented polypropylene, screen in light-diffusing silkscreened methacrylate, reflector in painted aluminum
Mobile-arm structure in extruded EN-AW-6060 aluminum with bright anodizing treatment

Polished-painted articulations in die-cast EN-AB 46100 aluminum
Adjustment system in AISI 316 stainless steel
Silicone seal gaskets
Suitable for watertight connection
Electronic ballast listed

FLU 2x57W

Lead time: 2 - 4 weeks
Lamping explanation:
INC = incandescent FLU = fluorescent HAL = 120V halogen LV HAL = 12V halogen
MH = metal halide SBF = self-ballasted fluorescent LED = light emitting diode
All lamps are included with the fixtures

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Beyond the definition, the human light is intelligent light. A light that knows it has to relate to people, accompanying them in their daily activities. That is why Artemide's attention today is concentrated on the concept of the context of life, understood as a specific microenvironment in which an event occurs where one or more persons are the protagonist, every context of life can be associated with different light contexts, or the different atmospheres of light characterized by the activities that, at various moments of the day, have us as protagonists, starting from these contexts and the lighting conditions that characterize them, Artemide proposes products capable of meeting people's multiple needs and offering the light performance characteristics most suited to each moment of life, it is light that is flexible and adaptable, which produces the optimum visual precision, and consumes the minimum environmental resources, it is Artemide light.

Technological and productive expertise is achieved through research and development centers, with the product planning and engineering section, laboratories for technical conformity and self-certification tests, and production units equipped with avant-garde processes. A production structure that can offer expertise in the processing of traditional materials such as glass, as well as the capacity for innovation with recently introduced materials such as titanium. Lighting performance characteristics extend from a light with atmosphere, variable, colored, to the most precise of lights for community environments. The vast range of options reflects the commitment of the whole organization to provide a product guaranteed by the Artemide brand, throughout the world, with an image that is strong and consistent - That of a leader in the lighting industry.

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