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Fire Pit Art | Magnum 54" Artisan Carbon Steel Fire Pit (FPA-MAG)


Fire Pit Art | Magnum 54" Artisan Carbon Steel Fire Pit 

The Magnum fire pit has a 54 inch outer diameter and an inner diameter of 35". It stands 17" tall with a ring width of 9".

If you were looking for the most beautiful artisan fire pits available you are at the right place. The love and craftsmanship this artist puts into his work is almost tangible on these images but wait until you light your first fire in it and sit in your backyard with friends and family. 

This is quality that lasts for decades. Each of these beautiful fire pits is hand crafted and signed by the artist and comes with a lifetime warranty. And every single pit is made to order in the USA.

The thickness of the carbon steel allows to burn large fires without the fear of the metal to give in. The color of iron oxide will darken some in the beginning and then stay that way. 

All our US made artisan fire pits are fitted with an approximatively 1 1/2" drain hole.

Product Material:

1/4 " Thick Mild Carbon Steel
Product Finish: Iron Oxide

Made in USA

Base Height: 6" / Diameter: 19"
Product Height: 17"
Product Diameter: 54"
Weight: 190 lbs
Warranty: 10 years

Shipping Dimensions: 54x54x26
Shipping Weight: 220lbs
Free curb side delivery

Lead Time: 10 - 15 business days

WARNING: Combustion byproducts produced when using this product include carbon monoxide and other chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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