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Good Directions Vanes Available Now at Teakwood Central

We are proud to now offer Good Directions Windvanes and Weathervanes products to our customers. Good Directions Weathervanes are designed with beauty, durability, and attention to detail and are handcrafted by American artisans. These rooftop ornaments from Good Directions look great, are made of pure copper and come in a variety of designs and sizes to adorn the top of your home, barn, cupola or garage in style.

Good Directions offers several types of vanes, each of which is an heirloom-quality pointer that will be enjoyed by generations. The estate line comes in a variety of ornaments including horses, roosters and eagles that reflect the shapes that early colonists brought to this country from Europe. Choose from pointers that come with either traditional or whimsical ornaments including banners, fish, dogs, flying pigs, angels and even motorbikes. 

All Good Directions products are easy to assemble and install and come with all-weather assembly rods and solid brass directionals. Good Directions vanes also have a unique Single Point Contact design that allows all their products to spin in the wind with ease. Enhance the structural beauty of your home in the grand style of American folk art for years to come with a vane from Good Directions now.
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