Heatscope Radiant Patio Heaters | Prolonging your Outdoor Season

Our collection of Heatscope outdoor heaters are specially crafted in Germany and are designed to heat your outdoor spaces comfortably. They are remarkably efficient and emit nearly no visible light, depending on the model. Designed for rooms and spaces that require temporary heat, they have a clean, lean design that blends well with your outdoor space.

Models of Heatscope infrared heaters are designed with specific criteria for different outdoor spaces. These range from covered, wind-protected rooms and spaces that are semi-open to areas that encounter more wind - such as patios, balconies, or outdoor dining areas, and also in an enclosed outdoor space. Heatscope infrared heaters are also available in various sizes, with bigger models able to heat a larger area of space. The smallest Vision model, for instance, can heat a room 10.5ft long and 7.5ft wide; the largest is capable of heating a much bigger room - 14.1ft x 8.2ft.

Our range of Heatscope products, the result of quality German craftsmanship, are installed in a such a way that their appearance is subtle. Their streamlined, modern design allow them to blend in with the decor and appearance of your outdoor space while emitting ambience and warmth. In addition to applications in outdoor spaces, Heatscope heaters can also be used in bathrooms, spas, and wellness areas. They are available in either black or white and includes installation hardware for wall or ceiling installation. Depending on the model, users can select power levels either on the unit or by using a remote control. 

Explore our collection of Heatscope outdoor heaters to discover which unit and model are suitable for your outdoor heating needs!

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