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1/2" Premium Reflective Fire Glass per 5 lbs | AFG-AFF1/2-1


Half Inch Premium Reflective Fire Glass Collection for fire pits & gas burners are popular options for hotels, restaurants, bars and public places as well as for private homes.

The half inch reflective fire glass produces incredible intense and vibrant color when on fire. These half-inch reflective fire stones are similar to the 1/4 inch collection but will let the flames reflect even more and shinier.

Use these colored stones for your patio or indoor fireplace or use a bowl and set it outdoors next to the pool where the light will reflect even more.

The firestones are used indoors as well as outdoors. Where ever there is a fire with fire stones there will be a crowd gathering watching the spectacle of the dancing colored flames.

There are 10 beautiful colors to be chosen fro to match your setting and enhance the looks of it. Choose 2 colors and write a name or create a pattern or simply mix and match several of your favorite colors.

The Half Inch Premium Reflective Fire Glass Collection comes in 5 lb increments and is also available in 10 lbs jars.

Please make sure to select the corresponding color tab when ordering your stones.

Made in the USA

Lead time 5-7 days

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