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1/4" Premium Fire Glass for Burners per 5 lbs |AFG-RF1


1/4" Fire Glass Premium Collection for Fire Pits & Gas Burners is an excellent choice for indoor use as well as for outdoor use.

The Premium Reflective Fire Glass a reflective mirror on one side which enhances the shine of the glass dramatically. This fire glass is your choice if you like a brilliant shine outdoors in the sunshine and an intense reflection of the fire at night or indoors.

The premium fire glass collection offers 9 brilliant colors to choose from. Enhance the looks of your indoor decoration or of your patio, porch or garden with the best matching color or mix and match colors for a change of scenery.
The quality of these fire stones is inspected by trained professionals which ensures absolute customer satisfaction.
10  lbs jars.
The minimum order for 1/4" Fire Glass Premium Collection is 5 lbs. It is also offered in 10 lbs jars.

Please make sure to select the corresponding color tab when ordering your stones.

Made in the USA

Lead time 5-7 days

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