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Neoz | Victoria Cordless Table Lamp |NEO-C029U


NEOZ | Victoria Cordless Table Lamp in brass and in bright chrome

Rechargeable battery table lamp featuring a handmade fabric shade on a solid forged and polished brass base.

All Victoria lamps come with the Uno battery.
Other battery options are Not available for this model. The battery of this lamp will work for up to 140 hours and the recharging approximate 5 hours.

 Liked for commercial use, this battery operated table lamp has enhanced the settings of many restaurants, hotels, bars and public places in the world. But the Victoria lamp is also ideal for private homes for indoor and outdoor use where lamps with cords can be unpractical and simply not useable for a lack of outlets close to the tables.

For weddings, reunions, small and large family gatherings, a few of these cordless table lamps will change the settings from good to great. No tangling, no dripping candles, no searching for an outlet. When you change from one room to another, just pick it up and take it with you for up to 140 hours until re-charging is requested.

Please note that a recharger is available separately depending upon the quantity of lamps being recharged at one time.

Light Source Options 

1W 3.7V LED

Rechargeable Batteries
UNO - Sanyo Li-ion 2600mAh (LED Bulb Only) 
1000+ full charge cycles & replaceable

275mm x 120mm (10¾” x 4¾”)

Lead Time: 10 Days

0.8 kg / 1.75 lb

Surface Finish 

Light Time Range 
UNO - up to 140 hours (LED Bulb Only)

Charge Time 
5.5 hours

Product Code C029U

IP Rating
IP00 International Approvals & Standards

Red Dot Design Award 2008 Australian Design Award 2006

Lead time 7-10 days

Click here for specification sheet & charging options

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