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Neoz | Egg Fritted Medium 250 Cordless Table Lamp |NEO-C037


NEOZ | Egg  Fritted Medium 250 Cordless Table Lamp

This cordless, rechargeable table lamp by Neoz is not only great for hotels, restaurants and bars but it is a beautiful accessory to every home.

The medium sized Egg lamp would make a statement in a large living room or on the table of a well -sized dining table in the dining room or in the library as an accent light - there are no limits on how to use this lamp as it can be left on the charger for extended use and it can as well be used without the charger and without the cord standing by itself on any surface. It works for up to 260 hours and recharging is done in just a few hours or overnight.

This model is the fritted version with a  range of 4 different colors and this egg lamp iis equally ideal for a present. The box with the lamp and the accessories are presented in a very elegant manner and will be well received no matter which size you might choose.

All Neoz lamps are safe as they never heat up and unlike candles they don't start a fire or spoil the table cloth should they ever fall over. These lamps are also safe around children as they stay cool to the touch.

This lamp features a large hand-blown glass diffuser with colored glass frit providing soft ambient light. A perfect statement piece.

Rechargeable Batteries
PRO - Sanyo Li-ion 5200mAh
ECO - Sanyo Li-ion 2600mAh
UNO - Sanyo Li-ion 2600mAh (LED Bulb Only)
1000+ full charge cycles & replaceable

Light Time Range 
UNO- up to 140 hours (LED Bulb only)
PRO - up to 260 hours
ECO - up to 130 hours

250 mm x 173 mm (9 3/4”) x (6 3/4”)

Charging time:
PRO - 8.5 hours
ECO - 4.5 hours

PRO - 1.70 kg / 3.8 lb
ECO - 1.60 kg / 3.5 lb
UNO - 1.40 kg / 3.0 lb

Lead Time: 21-25 Days

Light Source Options
5W Halogen - Best color rendering 
1.1W LED - Best energy efficiency & light time (please contact us for ordering)

Click here for specification sheet

Note: At least one base charger is necessary for charging this lamp. If ordering more than one lamp additional base chargers are optional. Please refer to charging options menu.



Please check out more charging devices for our Neoz products

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