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Dew LED Cordless Rechargeable all Weather Oudoor Lighting |IN-11317

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The Dew LED is an amazing light design which you can program from soft to intensive levels is created for indoor and outdoor use. The lights are waterproof for lighting pool, spa or anywhere outdoors. This is an ultimate light, designed to improve your pool-site patio or garden. These lights are also desired by hotels, restaurants and spas. There are no limits to your imagination with over 160,000 colors.

The Lighting DEW lamp with LED element amazes with exciting design features:

Rechargeable LED Lamp Module that lasts up to 24hours per charge
Unbreakable and waterproof PE design
LED Light Source: 22 LED with a life time from 50,000 to 80,000 hours, indestructible design
Battery performance: 6 hours with strong intensity up to 24 hours with low intensity (program option)
Battery charge time: only 6 hours

Keep the Lighting DEW in one desired color, candle mode or let it continuously run through the 160,000 colors. Easily set the program by fingertip on the color and light intensity buttons.

Dimensions & Delivery
Diameter 12", height 11"
Charger with INPUT 110~220V OUT DC5V/0.5A
Weight: 5lbs
Box size: 14"x14"x14", weight 6 lbs
Warranty is limited to the LED light element
Warranty: 1 year limited manufacturer.
Remote Control sold as separate item.

Related Products: Remote control is an optional product. The lights can also be changed manually.

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