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Heatstrip Mini Outdoor Electric Patio Heater |THH1500AUL


Heatstrip Mini Indoor & Outdoor Electric Radiant Patio Heater

This heater will prolong your outdoor season and keep you warm all year long - no matter the weather.

This original high intensity radiant no-glow patio heater can take care of? heating your balcony, patio, your terrace and outdoor dining area as well as indoor areas.

Safe, elegant and effective, Heatstrip is a medium wave length electric heater and radiates a gentle even heat that feels like a warm summer's day.

Forget the headaches you got from the direct heat of old appliances and enjoy an evenly distributed warmth in the area you choose.

It is made from durable, corrosion resistant alloy and marine grade stainless steel.

It can withstand rain, sunshine and dust and it is designed to survive in the harsh outdoor environment without the need for weather shields.

IP55 rated and CSA/UL approved, it also comes with a 12 month replacement warranty.

The Heatstrip Mini 1500 watt 120 volt outdoor heater comes with standard mounting brackets that can be ceiling or wall mounted and adjustable to an angle of 22 or 45 degrees.

It has a recommended mounting height of 90" - 105" and a heated area (outdoor exposed) of 26 square feet.

Specifications: 1500 Watts 120
Volts 12.5 AmpsDimensions: 36 long x 6.5 x 2
Heated Area: 26 ft2

For Heatstrip accessories please click here

All heaters come with the ceiling/wall mounting accessories. Please find additional accessories in the drop-down menu.

For manuals and instructions please click on these links:

Heatstrip Product Manual

Heatstrip Flush Mount Enclosure Manual

Heatstrip Controller Manual

Heatstrip Returns Policy

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