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Neoz | Cooee 2c Cordless, Rechargeable Table Lamp |NEO-C033U-1L


Design Peter Ellis, Tammy Chiew 2013

The Cooee 2c Cordless, Rechargeable Table Lamp by Neoz is not only much used and appreciated for commercial use. It is also a lamp for so many occasions in any household. With no cable attached and no need to keep the lamp plugged in this is the perfect illumination to move to your patio, porch or to any space outdoors.

With this table lamp there is no worry about candle drops, wind or playing children. It can be left without surveillance and will last for the entire evening and up to 140 hours.

Recharging is made easy as you can choose your charging device. The single charger and the bar charger are best for households, the tray charging systems are for commercial use.

Rechargeable battery table lamp with slim durable metal body and cylindrical reflector
giving maximum direct downlight without glare.

Ideal for table lighting rooms with
views through glass as there is minimum reflection.

Light Source:
1W LED - Best energy efficiency & light time


Rechargeable Batteries:

UNO - Sanyo Li-ion 2600mAh
1000+ full charge cycles & replaceable


Light Time Range:

UNO - up to 140 hours per charge (this lamp is available with LED bulb only)


210mm x 90mm
(8") x (3")

Lead Time: 7-10 days

Anodised Aluminium
Lacquered Brass
Lacquered Copper
Black - Baked enamel on aluminum
Ivory - Baked enamel on aluminum
Antique Bronze -

Surface Finish:

Baked enamel on aluminum
Polished / Matte for Antique Bronze

click here for specification sheet 

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