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Neoz | Egg, Cordless Rechargeable Table Lamp |NEO-C016


The Egg, Hand Blown Glass, Sandblasted

Cordless Rechargeable Table Lamp For Indoors & Outdoors is probably one of the most appreciated table lighting options for private, hotel and restaurant use.

Note: At least one base charger is necessary for charging this lamp. If ordering more than one lamp additional base chargers are optional. Please refer to charging options menu.

The Egg table lamp is a modern classic that fits all environments and enhances the looks of indoor and outdoor settings. The Egg table lamp has been designed by Peter Ellis and has been rewarded with the RedDot design award.
The light is soft and at the same time provides enough luminosity for a dinner table for several people depending on the brightness you select.

This lamp can be adjusted for selection of brightness in sequences from full to medium to low brightness by simply pressing the button on the bottom of the unit.. The battery charge level indicates the level of charge at any given time.

First charging time for the battery is approximately 4.5 hours foe ECO and 8.5 hours for PRO batteries. You don't need to empty the battery completely before the next recharge. The lamp can also be left on the recharging station without being overcharged.

Rechargeable battery table lamp with hand blown frosted glass diffuser providing soft ambient light.

Light Time Range
UNO- up to 140 hours
ECO- up to 260 hours
PRO- up to 350 hours

180mm x 120mmDimensions
(7" x 4")

Lead Time: 7-10 days

Click here for specification sheet & charging options

Light Source Options
5W Halogen - Best color rendering
1.1W LED - Best energy efficiency & light time

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