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Neoz | Owl 1 Tall, Cordless Rechargeable Metal Lamp |NEO-C008T


NEOZ Owl 1 Tall, Cordless Rechargeable Metal Lamp designed by Peter Ellis, Jackie Chan and Gabriel Tam.

Rechargeable battery table lamp with polished metal body and dome reflector giving maximum direct down light without glare. Ideal for table lighting rooms with views through glass as there is minimum reflection. The increased height in comparison with the Owl 1 table lamp provides wider surface illumination.

The perfect lamp for private dinner tables as well as for dining rooms in restaurants and hotels. The Owl 1 Tall lamp has a variety of colors which each will accentuate and complement the chosen space. The dome reflector will pick up the color of the metal body and emphasize it. This lamp is also perfect for a corner of a library, a lobby or on a night stand.

Light Time Range
UNO- up to 140 hours
PRO - up to 260 hours
ECO - up to 130 hours

210mm x 78mm
(8" x 3")

Lead Time: 21-25 days

Light Source Options
5W Halogen - Best color rendering
1.1W LED - Best energy efficiency & light time

Note: At least one base charger is necessary for charging this lamp. If ordering more than one lamp additional base chargers are optional. Please refer to charging options menu.

Click here for specification sheet & charging options

Non stock Item: Lead time 2-3 Weeks.

Please check out more charging devices for our Neoz products

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