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Tower 11" LED Cordless Rechargeable All Weather Lamp |IN-01686

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Tower 11" LED Cordless Rechargeable All Weather Lamp 

A young and fun way to bring light to your tables - indoors or outdoors.

Place this lamp on your table for a romantic dinner with your significant other and chose his or favorite hue for these moments.

When you have friends over for a garden party this is a fun and useful party light. Set it to any intense or soft color for the night or let it display the whole range of 160'000 possible color variants by changing them continuously.

This lamp is rechargeable and does not depend on an outlet for several hours - which means you can spend an evening at the beach and bring it along or travel with it wherever you want to.

The light setting can be done on the bottom of the lamp without an external device but we also offer a battery operated remote control.


All weather cordless LED lamp with 160,000 colors

Rechargeable battery with up to 24h lighting

Perfect for indoor and outdoor use

Indestructible PE shape

Choose from candle mode or any of the 160,000 colors or let the lighting program run

Pebble remote control option available for purchase

LED guaranteed for at least 50,000h.

6-24h of operation on a single charge

L: 6" W: 6" H: 11"

Warranty: 365 days

Warranty is limited to the LED light element

Lead time 3-5 days

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